Top 7 Front Door Bronze Animal Welcome Sculptures Bring a Warm Feeling

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With the improvement of people’s material living standards, people have preserved ancient cultural traditions. We can see bronze animal sculptures placed at the door of our homes everywhere in our lives, especially in hotels, restaurants, factories, etc.

Believe me, a well-chosen welcome sculpture can bring a warm feeling to your guests. A good welcome sculpture is like a big warm hug, making guests feel at home and different animals bring completely different psychological feelings to people.

bronze dog sculpture2

Following my steps, I’m going to introduce you to the top 7 of the best bronze animals for welcome sculptures.

1.Bronze Lion Sculpture


The main function of the bronze lion sculpture in the animal bronze sculpture is to protect the house from evil spirits and bring auspiciousness. The lion is the king of auspicious animals and can relieve various evil spirits.

bronze lion sculpture1
Source: Majestic Life Size Bronze Lion Statue

Bronze lions are placed in front of the gate as welcoming sculptures, usually in pairs. There are also various shapes of lions, including sleeping lions, reclining lions, walking lions, stepping ball lions, winged lions and so on. People will customize their favorite lion style according to their preferences.

bronze lion sculpture2 (2)
Source: Large Outdoor Bronze Lying Lion Statue

In people’s minds, the lion usually exists as a majestic and fierce image. Placing such a bronze lion in front of the gate will enhance the momentum of the whole house.

Of course, some bronze lions are designed by artists to be very cute and docile. Placing a docile bronze lion in front of the door can reduce the inherent ferocious oppression of the lion in people’s hearts and bring people an unusual feeling.

bronze lion
Source: Outdoor Large Guard Cast Bronze Lion Statues

2.Bronze Elephant Sculpture


In traditional culture, elephants represent auspiciousness. It can bring auspiciousness to the world and symbolize peace in the world. “Elephant” also symbolizes peace, beauty, and happiness.

Moreover, elephants are powerful and burly, spiritual and gentle. Therefore, placing the “wealth elephant” can achieve the function of attracting wealth and receiving wealth.

bronze elephant

Elephant docile is what most people agree on, so people will not feel oppressed when they see them. On the contrary, they will feel kind and natural.

Placing such a bronze elephant sculpture in front of the door can not only bring good luck to yourself and your family but also leave a good first impression on your guests.

bronze elephant sculpture1
Outdoor Giant Animal Bronze Sculpture Elephant Bronze Sculpture for Sale BOKK-386-2

The biggest difference between bronze elephant sculptures is the orientation of the elephant’s trunk. Here, I recommend you buy sculptures with the nose facing upwards.

Because, when an elephant is playing in the water, its nose will rush to the sky, which represents happiness, joy, and freedom, so people will naturally think that this represents welcome. Then the sculpture with the elephant’s trunk up is very suitable as a welcome sculpture.

bronze elephant sculpture2

3.Bronze Bear Sculpture


Bears are recognized as mascots by most people. In people’s minds, bears are cute carnivorous animals, and their naive appearance is loved by people.

bronze bear sculpture3

Like this bear family sculpture, the welcome sculpture is the perfect addition to any public or private space. People can intuitively feel the warm feeling of the bear family, which is why we need the welcoming sculpture.

Bronze Bear Sculpture

Many American customers have customized different styles of bronze bear sculptures on YouFine, and chose to place them in front of their homes as welcome sculptures. When we received feedback pictures from customers, we were all amazed by the actual effect.

bronze bear sculpture (2)

4.Bronze Horse Sculpture


The bronze horse has always been a hot-selling outdoor sculpture on YouFine. It is considered auspicious to place a horse statue at home because it symbolizes vitality, success, happiness and prosperity. According to custom the horse statue should not face any doors or windows.

bronze horse sculpture1

A running bronze horse represents vitality and can bring a sense of strength to those who see it. As a welcome sculpture, this is a sculpture that can bring spiritual power to people.

bronze horse sculpture
Outdoor Famous Bronze Statue of Phar Lap Bronze Horse Statue for Sale BOKK-214

5.Bronze Dog Sculpture


As a dog lover, if a lovely bronze dog sculpture is placed at the door of my house, it will greatly improve my life happiness index. Dogs are the best friend of human beings, they are the representative of loyalty and friendliness, so it is a natural choice to serve as a welcome sculpture.

bronze dog statue

Of course, if it is a dog-raising family, it will be very meaningful to customize an identical bronze sculpture for your dog. YouFine often customizes individual bronze dog sculptures for different owners, and sculptures that can bring happiness to customers are also what YouFine pursues.

bronze dog statue
Life Size Large Bronze Bulldog Statue Garden Decoration for Sale BOKK-308

6.Bronze Eagle Sculpture


The bronze eagle is a sculpture that can reflect the spirit of the owner. In people’s hearts, the eagle is agile and ferocious, and can bring people visual enjoyment.

The following is a bronze eagle sculpture cast by YouFine for an American customer. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, the artist continued to modify it, and finally showed the eagle’s sharp eyes.

bronze eagle sculpture3
Large Outdoor Bronze Eagle Sculpture Art Decoration for Sale BOKK-601

Perhaps some people think that the eagle’s claws are too sharp, and as a welcome sculpture, it will bring people a sense of oppression.

On the contrary, the bronze eagle with outstretched wings brings a sense of security to people, like a big hug to welcome the guests.

Bronze Eagle Sculpture1

7.Bronze Peacock Sculpture


Among the many animals, the marble peacock is the most beautiful one. The peacock is regarded as the king of all birds. It is a representative of auspiciousness in traditional culture.

bronze peaccock sculpture3
Antique Bronze Peacock Statue Garden Decor in Pairs BOK1-411

The marble peacock sculpture has the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness, as well as the embodiment of kindness and wisdom. The marble peacock sculpture not only has a beautiful appearance, but also the meaning of the peacock sculpture is very auspicious. It is a representation of attracting wealth and connections.

bronze peacock sculpture1

As shown in the picture, when two graceful peacocks welcome you through the gate, who can resist being moved by such a romantic scene. Two symmetrical bronze peacock sculptures placed at the entrance are sure to bring a warm feeling to your guests.

bronze peacock sculpture


In short, as one of the most popular types of sculpture, bronze animal welcome sculptures are not only because of their beautiful meanings but also because of the psychological experience they bring to people.

As a factory with 40 years of production experience, YouFine has enough experience and ability to provide customers with high-quality and low-price bronze animal sculptures. If you have any needs, you can contact YouFine, and professionals will provide you with considerate services.


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