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YouFine have professional designers and artists, we can customize any sculptures based on your designs or requirements. We're good at the traditional handicrafts, western sculptures and products with western ideas.

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YouFine's bronze sculpture range covers a variety of customer needs, whether it is private garden enhancement or project support, we will provide you with the most stylish and high-quality bronze sculptures.


Before YouFine casts a bronze sculpture, it meticulously crafts a 1:1 clay mold, a pivotal step in determining the intricate details of the final bronze sculpture. Each of our artists boasts an average of 20 years of casting experience and has been involved in the creation of thousands of clay molds. This extensive expertise grants them a profound understanding of various types of clay molds, ensuring that the sculpted clay molds are exceptionally lifelike.

Over the past four decades, YouFine has amassed an extensive collection of ready-made clay models, encompassing figures, animals, religious statues, fountains, planters, reliefs, and more. This invaluable resource significantly reduces waiting times for our clients and offers substantial savings by minimizing clay molding expenses.

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Bronze Sculpture with Less Trachoma

  • The artist will refine the wax mold according to the original design, adding intricate details to maintain its authenticity.
  • YouFine utilizes high-quality sand sourced from Inner Mongolia in crafting the sand mold, significantly reducing the likelihood of trachomas in the bronze sculpture.
  • With our cutting-edge silica sol technology,  minimizes the risk of acid formation during production, we effectively prevent white spots and green spots from appearing on bronze sculptures. 
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Patina Coloring Technique

  • YouFine’s professional colorists use the patina chemical coloring method, which can provide long-lasting color that is not easy to fall off. Best of all, the color of our bronze sculptures will become increasingly natural over time.
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Professional and Safe Packaging

  • We provide two packaging methods: air freight and sea freight.
  • The entire sculpture is wrapped with anti-shock sponge to maximize the safety of the bronze sculpture during transportation.
  • The professional QC team will reinforce each box one by one to ensure that the sculptures are shipped perfectly.
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Three Installation Methods

  • YouFine professionals will provide different pre-embedding methods according to the specific situation of each customer: iron shelves, copper sheets and steel bar pre-embedding.
  • YouFine has a professional installation team that can provide cross-border installation services for various large-scale outdoor bronze sculpture projects and successfully solve all challenges encountered during the installation process.

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Approval feedback from American customers for bronze custom figure sculptures.

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war horse sculpture
war horse sculpture

Modern bronze face sculpture in a Belgian garden.

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YouFine customizes large outdoor bronze horse head sculptures for customers with charming colors.

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Together Crafting Timeless Elegance in Bronze

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