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Bronze deer statue

Offering a wide variety of bronze deer sculptures, including bronze stag statue, bronze elk statue, bronze moose statue, bronze reindeer statue, whitetail deer statue, doe and fawn statue, bronze mule deer statue...

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Popular Choice for Outdoor Decor

Life-size bronze deer sculptures are a popular choice for outdoor decoration, as they infuse the natural vitality of the wilderness into spaces such as tree farms, manors, villas, gardens, courtyards, and squares. Our skilled artisans will expertly cast a stunning and lifelike bronze deer sculpture that meets your specifications. Whether you desire a grand centerpiece for your garden or a magnificent addition to your estate, YouFine will deliver a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.

More Bronze Deer Statues Choices

YouFine can meet the needs of different customers and cast different types of life size bronze deer sculptures, including bronze stag statue, bronze elk statue, bronze moose statue, bronze reindeer statue, whitetail deer statue, doe and fawn statue, etc.

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YOUfine Advantages

Why Choose YouFine's Bronze Deer Statue


1:1 Realistic Deer Clay Model

YouFine’s experienced artists have an average of 20 years of casting experience and have been involved in the production of thousands of clay molds. They possess an in-depth understanding of the deer’s body structure and behavior.

The bronze deer statues we offer for your outdoor space possess a lifelike appearance that seamlessly blends into nature. 

In addition to life-size bronze deer statues, we also have clay models of various styles, such as bronze moose statues, bronze stag statues, bronze sika deer statues, and bronze doe, and fawn statues. These free clay models will save you a lot of time and money during the construction process

Traditional Lost Wax Method

At YouFine, we employ the traditional lost wax method for casting each bronze deer statue for sale. This intricate process involves over 33 meticulous steps to ensure the creation of high-quality outdoor bronze deer statues. 

Lost wax casting can restore complex shapes and richly detailed designs. Thanks to the precise reproduction of the silicone model, the bronze deer sculpture can be made to match the original model’s dimensions and surface details.


Patina Coloring Technique

At You Fine, our artists use the patina method to create beautiful life size bronze deer statues. This involves mixing various chemical liquids in different proportions and pouring them onto the bronze surface while applying heat. The patina not only enhances the natural and aesthetic appeal of the bronze deer statue over time but also ensures that it does not fade even after centuries.

Moreover, our artists continually experiment with new and different colors, ensuring that You Fine can meet your needs for all types of bronze statue colors. Whether you desire classic bronze tones or more contemporary and vibrant colors, we can create a unique and striking bronze sculpture that perfectly suits your aesthetic preferences.

Considerate Customized Service

At YouFine, we offer comprehensive one-stop customization services for bronze deer statues. Whether you prefer a bronze moose statue, bronze reindeer statue, bronze elk statue, bronze doe and fawn statue, or bronze whitetail statue, we can cater to your preferences and provide enduring quality. Our skilled artisans will meticulously craft your bronze deer statue to your specifications.

At YouFine, we offer a range of options for our bronze deer statues. If you desire a larger-than-life bronze deer statue, we can customize one to your specifications. Alternatively, we also provide life-size bronze deer statues that can be tailored to your specific requirements. 


Bronze Deer Statues in Stock

We have a large number of bronze deer statues in stock in our factory, with different sizes and designs, and they can be ordered and shipped at any time.

Feedback from Customers

YouFine has garnered global acclaim for the superior quality of our bronze deer statues. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction serves as our greatest source of motivation.

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