1. Rich Experienced

our combined factories have 40 years experience and our reputation is of the highest quality at lowest prices; and we specialize in making life simple for you. We handle all aspects of design, measurement, quality control, international payment processing, ocean freight packaging and logistics to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. 

2.Professional Artists

 The artists YouFine cooperates with each have an average of 20 years of sculpting experience, and everyone has their own areas of expertise. They have shown great interest in sculpture since they were teenagers, and practiced hard for 20 years, talent plus acquired hard work, eventually growing into a professional sculptor. 

3. High-quality Material

YouFine is committed to providing customers with the highest quality sculptures, therefore only using high-quality materials: Grade-A marble, 316 and 304 stainless steel, high-quality copper, etc. 

4. Detailed Installation Drawings

 We will provide you with detailed installation drawings of the product, including photos, videos, etc. to assist you in installation to ensure that you can install your product smoothly. Of course, if you really need support, YouFine also has a professional installation team, and we can fly to your city to provide you with installation services.

5. Considerate After-sale Service

The last but the biggest advantage is our after-sale service, we will never stop seeking a way to provide you the best service and to ensure your complete satisfaction with your product installed as you dreamed from the inception of your project.


Our Clients Review:

My husband and I live in Grand Cayman (originally from USA and Italy) and are working to build our Tuscan Inspired dream home. We needed a tremendous amount of detailed marble carving in sculptures, fountains and windows and door surrounds; a daunting task. We were told that Quyang, China was the “Carving Capital of the World” with thousands of factories. Concerned about quality and if we could get our Italian designs created effectively, we flew half way around the world the meet Dora and Linda with “You Fine Sculpture”. We visited many factories and were SHOCKED at the phenomenal talent and quality of the workers! We engaged 4 factories to begin creations and then visited a second time to inspect the bronze and carved marble statues and fountains and moldings to come away MORE than THRILLED and simply said…in AWE of the talent, quality and prices!!! We found working with them and the factories a great experience! They are VERY responsive and speak excellent English 😉 They truly have a spirit of honesty and integrity and we would wholeheartedly recommend them! 
Thank you, Tuscan S
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