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Bronze horse statue

40 years leading bronze horse statue foundry, specializing in government, public, universities, ranches, commercial and private residences for long time outdoor use.

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Antique Bronze Grazing Horse Statues (4)
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more bronze horse statue

more bronze horse statue

Explore YouFine’s bronze horse statue for sale catalog and find the perfect decor choices for your space.

bronze racing horse for sale
bronze Rearing Horse for sale
bronze Running Horse for sale
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YouFine Bronze Horse Statue Project

YouFine Bronze Horse Statue Project

life size bronze rearing horse statue

bronze Horse drawn chariot statue

custom bronze horse racing statues

life size bronze running horse statues

mare and foal bronze statue

bronze horse head statues

where to place bronze horse statue

where to place bronze horse statue

YouFine has a large customer base worldwide who purchase life-size or larger bronze horse sculptures. The horse sculptures they buy are placed in various public or private areas, including squares, parks, racecourses, horse racing clubs, private gardens, estates, etc.

bronze horse statue for public spaces (4)
Public Square _

Bronze horse statues enrich public spaces by combining artistic beauty, cultural significance, and practical value. Their presence can transform ordinary areas into memorable, engaging environments.

  • SYMBOLISM: Bronze horse sculptures can convey these values of strength, freedom, and grace and resonate with the local historical context.
  • VISUAL IMPACT: The metallic sheen of bronze and the dynamic form of horse sculptures are eye-catching and become focal points in squares, parks, and urban spaces.
  • LANDMARK: Iconic sculptures can become landmarks, helping people navigate and orient themselves in a city.
  • MAINTENANCE: They require relatively low maintenance compared to other materials, making them a practical choice for public facilities.
war horse sculpture
bronze horse statue for public spaces (1)
bronze horse statue for public spaces (2)
Public Park _

The bronze horse statues in the park create a vibrant and attractive atmosphere, contributing significantly to the aesthetic and cultural value of the entire space. They blend art, history and interaction, transforming ordinary park spaces into vibrant and engaging environments.

  • HARMONIOUS BLEND: The bronze horse statues blend in with the natural environment, complementing the park’s greenery and natural elements.
  • VISUAL CONTRAST: The metallic sheen of the bronze contrasts with the organic textures and colors of the park, creating a visual impact.
  • LANDMARKS AND MEETING POINTS: Iconic large or life size horse sculptures serve as landmarks within the park, making it easier for visitors to navigate and providing convenient meeting points.
bronze horse sculpture for park (3)
bronze horse sculpture for park (1)
war horse sculpture
war horse sculpture
bronze horse statue for park (1)
hORSE FarmS _

Bronze horse statues can have a transformative decorative effect on a farm, adding beauty, cultural significance, and a unique sense of artistry.

  • VISUAL APPEAL: Bronze horse sculptures can enhance the visual appeal of a farm, providing an eye-catching focal point against the backdrop of fields, barns, and natural landscapes.
  • SYMBOLISM: Horses have been an integral part of agricultural life and rural culture for centuries. Bronze horse sculptures can symbolize the importance of horses in agricultural history and their role in human progress.
  • EQUESTRIAN FARMS: Farms that specialize in horse breeding or training can use bronze horse sculptures to celebrate their focus and attract visitors interested in equestrian activities.
bronze horse statue for park (3)
bronze horse statue for park (2)
bronze horse statue for private space (2)
bronze horse statue for private space (1)
bronze horse statue for private space (3)
private spaces _

Bronze horse statues in private spaces can significantly enhance the beauty and atmosphere of a home or garden, adding elegance, cultural depth and unique artistic flavor.

  • VERSATILITY: Bronze horse sculptures are available in a variety of styles and sizes—from realism to abstraction—to match different aesthetic preferences and the design style of the house.
  • GARDEN OR COURTYARD: Outdoor bronze horse sculptures can create a peaceful and elegant garden environment and become a topic of conversation at gatherings.
  • ENTRANCES AND DRIVEWAYS: Large sculptures can show momentum at the door of the home, leave a deep impression on people, become a welcoming sculpture, and enhance attraction.
bronze horse statue for private space (5)

why choose youfine bronze horse statue

  • Hundreds of ready made clay models – save time and money
  • Lost wax casting – provides long-lasting quality
  • Patina coloring – light and thin tone that does not fall off
  • Factory direct sales – unbeatable prices
  • Rich experience – 40 years of quality assurance
  • Safe packing and transportation – purchase full insurance
youfine horse statue foundry 1


YouFine has served customers all over the world who love bronze horse statues, and has received beautiful feedback photos and recognition of our product quality.


YouFine horse statues are carefully crafted from premium bronze material. Our skilled artists use the traditional lost wax method to capture the dynamic essence of the horse. In addition, during the casting process, YouFine uses advanced technologies such as silica sol to ensure that the sculptures will not have white or green spots.

The price of bronze horse sculpture depends on the size, design, craftsmanship, transportation and other aspects you choose. If you need an accurate quotation, please contact YouFine and professionals will provide you with more accurate information.

Bronze horse statues come in a variety of sizes, from small indoor sizes, life-size to custom large sizes, to suit different preferences and placement environments.

Yes, YouFine provides one-stop sculpture customization services. Our experienced team will customize unique bronze horse sculptures according to your specific needs and preferences. We are also able to render renderings based on the placement scenarios provided by customers.

YouFine attaches great importance to the quality of the bronze horse sculptures it sells. They are cast with high-quality materials, can withstand various environmental conditions, and are suitable for outdoor use.

Maintenance of bronze horse statues is simple. You can dust it regularly with a soft cloth and occasionally wash it with mild detergent and water is enough to maintain its beauty.

bronze rider statue for sale
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