Life Size Bronze Black Bear Statue for Sale BOK1-522

The black bear statue for sale finely cast by YouFine is suitable for gardens, parks, courtyards, shopping malls, school and other places, it is durable and has good quality.

Item No: BOK1-522

Material: high-quality bronze material  

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

The black bear statue for sale has a realistic and long-lasting life, and is finely cast using professional techniques by YouFine’s artists with 20 years of casting experience. Study, garden, lawn, park, shop entrance and other places are suitable places for placement.

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The Best Gift for Wildlife Lovers


In the minds of the public, bears have always been a symbol of ferocity. But it is obvious that this time the artist cast a docile bronze bear sculpture that could get along well with humans and is also the best gift for wildlife lovers and nature lovers.

bronze black bear statue (2)

1:1 Clay Model


Carving a 1:1 clay model is the basis for casting an exquisite bronze bear sculpture. It directly determines the appearance of the entire sculpture, so it is very important.

Every artist YouFine works with has rich experience and basic professional skills. They have been practicing carving skills since they were teenagers and have participated in the production of thousands of clay models. Therefore, they have a detailed understanding of the body structure and living habits of animals. , the clay model of the black bear statue for sale is realistic enough.

bronze bear clay model

More Realistic Animal Clay Model


YouFine has rich experience in bronze animal casting and provides high-quality bronze animal sculptures to customers all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Dubai and other countries.

Therefore, YouFine has produced a variety of animal clay models, including monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, lions, tigers, etc. Best of all, ready-made clay models would leave you with a pretty penny.

animal clay model

Professional Casting Process


In 40 years of production experience, YouFine has continuously improved its casting process and is committed to providing customers with durable and beautiful bronze bear sculptures. Therefore, we use a variety of advanced technologies:

1.Silica sol technique to prevent white spots or green spots on the sculpture;

2.Patina to provide long-lasting and natural coloring;

3.Seamless welding does not affect the beauty of the bronze bear sculpture.

bronze black bear statue (3)

Contact YouFine for More Services

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Please trust YouFine’s experience and capabilities, we are confident to provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience. Just contact us, professional would provide you with more considerate services.


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