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marble Venus statue (1)
Marble Aphrodite Statue of Menophantos Replica
Aphrodite of Menofantos is a marble statue of the Roman goddess Venus in a pose classic in Western art....
Capitoline Venus statue (1)
Custom Hand Carved Marble Capitoline Venus Statue
The Capitoline Venus statue depicts the goddess of beauty shyly covering her body, but the covered Venus...
marble venus (1)
Famous Marble Lely Crouching Venus Statue Replica
Marble Lely Venus is a crouching Venus statue. The sculpture depicts the goddess Venus taking a bath....
Marble Statue of Townley Venus (4)
Hand Carved Marble Statue of Townley Venus Replica
Venus is the subject of many famous statues, resulting in many classic marble statues of Venus. This...
marble Venus Callipyge statue (1)
Famous Marble Venus Callipyge Statue Replica for Sale
The Venus Callipyge statue is the goddess lifting up her robe before taking a bath. It reflects the natural...
Venus cupid and pan statue (3)
Hand Carved Marble Venus and Cupid Statue with Pan
The Venus and Cupid statue tells people an interesting story: Pan, the god of fauns and wild animals,...
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