Famous Marble Venus de’ Medici Statue Replica for Sale MOKK-207

Venus de’ Medici statue is a representative point of the evolution of Western classical tradition. YouFine has enough experience and ability to provide high-quality statue replicas to art lovers.

Item No: MOKK-207

Material: Natural White Marble  

Type: Marble Statue

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

The Venus de’ Medici statue is an ancient Greek marble sculpture depicting the Greek goddess of love. It has become one of the beacons for tracing the progress of the Western classical tradition, and drawing on it outlines the interesting changes and processes of classical scholarship.

Venere de' Medici statue (5)

It is located in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The statue depicts the goddess in a flight pose, as if surprised by the act of emerging from the sea, an act suggested by the dolphin at her feet. As a classic Venus statue, many customers would customize a replica at YouFine to collect at home.

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The Choice of Famous Sculpture Lovers


Indoor halls, end of corridors, art exhibition halls and other places could become the stage for this classic marble figure statue. People would unconsciously be attracted by art and classics.

Against the backdrop of indoor lighting, the marble female statue appear more charming. People could enjoy the influence of art at home without entering the art museum.

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YouFine Could Provide You with Satisfied Service


The first is the choice of materials. In order to restore the classics and respect the Venus de’ Medici statue, YouFine provides customers with high-quality natural grade A marble.

Natural marble has its own charm and would emit dazzling light under the sunlight. The most important thing is that as a gift of nature, marble statues could be preserved for hundreds of years.

marble material

Rich Experienced Artists


Each artist at YouFine has at least 20 years of carving experience. They have great enthusiasm for the carving business. They are extremely serious and put a lot of passion into the carving process. Therefore, YouFine provides customers with marble statue replica artwork with emotional warmth.

experienced artists

Rich Experience in Carving Marble Female Statues


We have provided countless marble female sculptures to customers worldwide and have extensive experience in female body structure and carving points. Therefore, you could rest assured that you could trust YouFine with your beloved marble figure statue, and we would provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience.

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Please feel free to contact YouFine, more wonderful product catalogs, prices, and other information are waiting for you!

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