Hand Carved Marble Venus and Cupid Statue with Pan

This Venus and Cupid statue is hand-carved by YouFine artists from pure natural grade-A marble, restoring 99% of the details for you.

Item Number: MFI-003

Size: Life Size or customized size

Color: Marble(other available color)

Techniques: lost-wax method&patina&hand made

Finished Time: 45 days

Usage: For Art/Collection/Garden/Plaza/yard

Packaging: Standard Export Package

Payment: 30% deposit,70%balance offer finished

The Venus and Cupid statue tells people an interesting story: Pan, the god of fauns and wild animals, shepherds, tried to defile Venus, the goddess of beauty. When Venus tried to stop him from defiling her, she picked up She right sandaled and tried to threaten him. Venus saw that his mother was in need of help and quickly came to her rescue. This is a dramatic scene, so the movements, expressions, and contact between characters require precise control by the artist. YouFine has been specialized in carving marble figure statues for 40 years and can provide you with highly restored replicas of classic marble statues.

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Use Natural Grade-A Marble to Restore Classics


YouFine respects and values all classic marble statues, and all replicas of famous statues are hand-carved from pure natural grade-A marble. Natural marble has a fine and solid texture. It is as smooth as a mirror after polishing. The texture is more stretchy and beautiful than granite. Moreover, marble has low water absorption and high durability, and can be preserved for hundreds of years.

marble maaterial

Natural marble has a tight texture and moderate hardness, making it very suitable for carving, grinding, and polishing. After polishing, the marble is smooth and delicate, with natural and smooth texture, and is highly decorative. Therefore, most classic sculptures use marble as raw material. YouFine also chooses high-quality marble to provide you with exquisite Venus and Cupid statues.

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Professional Artists Restore 99% of the Details


Details determine success or failure. YouFine also attaches great importance to the details of the Venus and Cupid statue, including the figures’ movements, expressions, body proportions, etc. The artists YouFine cooperates with have rich experience and superb carving skills. They have been learning and practicing carving skills since they were teenagers. On average, each of them has 20 years of carving experience. Therefore, the artists can present you with 99% of the details of the Venus and Cupid statue, realistic enough to be amazing.

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Personalized Customized Services to Meet Needs


In addition, YouFine provides customization services for marble statues, which means that you will get a unique replica of a famous marble statue that is unique to you. For example, one customer wanted to add his name to the bottom of a marble Venus statue, and another customer wanted to change the movement of the Venus. All these needs are met by YouFine’s team of designers to provide customers with a perfect experience.

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Shown below are some of the replicas of famous marble statues that YouFine has carved for customers from all over the world and their feedback photos, which have been recognized by customers. If you are also a lover of famous statues, YouFine will be a good choice.

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