Famous Hand Carved Marble Farnese Hercules Statue MOKK-863

The Farnese Hercules statue is a classic statue of Hercules. YouFine has provided replicas of this famous sculpture to many customers around the world and has been well received by customers.

Item No: MOKK-863

Material: Natural White Marble  

Type: Marble Statue

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Hercules is the greatest hero in Greek mythology, the embodiment of strength, courage and wisdom. For a long time, artists from all over the world have created a large number of works about Hercules, many of which are classic masterpieces with extremely high artistic value.

This Farnese Hercules statue depicts Hercules at rest. The human body in the statue is curved, with the left leg supporting the weight of the body, the left arm leaning on the pillar, and the right arm placed behind the back. This change in posture creates a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Farnese Hercules statue (4)

The Story Behind This Statue


Hercules is the greatest hero in ancient Greek mythology, a demigod. The son of the god-king Zeus and Alcmene, he was born with great power. Because of his birth, he was hated by Hera, the wife of Zeus, so he was cursed by Hera, which caused him to kill his children in a madness.

In order to atone for his sins, he completed 12 “impossible” tasks. On the way, he also rescued the bound Prometheus, hid his identity and joined Jason’s heroic expedition team and assisted Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece.

Farnese Hercules statue (4)

Grade-A Marble Material


When YouFine carves the statue of Hercules statue, it uses Grade A high-quality natural marble. Under the sunlight, it would emit the unique luster of natural marble, injecting soul into the entire hand-carved marble statue. High-quality marble has its own unique advantages, could be carved with exquisite lines, and could be preserved for hundreds of years.

Farnese Hercules statue (3)

Artist with Superb Carving Skills


Each artist at YouFine has at least 20 years of sculpting experience. They have shown a strong interest in sculpture since childhood. Only with talent and continuous systematic practice could they eventually grow into professional sculptors.

Farnese Hercules statue (1)

Therefore, the Hercules statue carved by the artists could restore 99% of the original work, providing customers with high-quality art to the greatest extent.

Farnese Hercules statue2

Different Design Choices


For the design of the statue, YouFine provides considerate customization services. The color, size and design of various details of the sculpture would be based on the customer’s needs.

For example, an American customer wanted to collect a replica of the Farnese Hercules statue at home and give it a unique mark. Our artist carved a small mark requested by the customer in a corner of the sculpture.

Farnese Hercules statue3

Rich Experience in Hercules Carving


YouFine has rich experience in carving statues of Hercules, and has them in stock at the factory, ready for shipment at any time. If you are interested in this classic character statue, please feel free to contact YouFine.

Farnese Hercules statue1


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