Hand Carved Marble Statue of Townley Venus Replica

YouFine will use pure natural grade-A marble to provide you with a highly restored marble statue of Townley Venus.

Item Number: MFI – 006

Size: Life Size or customized size

Color: Marble(other available color)

Techniques: lost-wax method&patina&hand made

Finished Time: 45 days

Usage: For Art/Collection/Garden/Plaza/yard

Packaging: Standard Export Package

Payment: 30% deposit,70%balance offer finished

Venus is the subject of many famous statues, resulting in many classic marble statues of Venus. This statue of Venus shows the graceful body of the goddess of beauty. With 40 years of sculpture experience, YouFine is able to provide high-quality marble replicas to customers around the world, making it a paradise for sculpture lovers.

marble Townley Venus (1)

The Townley Venus is a 2.14 m (7 ft) tall 1st or 2nd century AD sculpture of the Roman goddess Venus, carved from marble. The goddess Venus statue is half-dressed, with her skirt draped over one arm and her upper body naked, raising one arm, very elegantly.

marble Townley Venus (5)

About Marble Material


The prerequisite for providing high-quality replicas of famous carvings is high-quality marble materials. All YouFine products are hand-carved from pure natural grade-A marble. A professional team will come to the marble yard regularly to select the best marble materials. As a gift from nature, marble has extremely beautiful veining and solid properties. Therefore, the marble statue of Venus carved from it has an appearance that can withstand careful observation and can be preserved for hundreds of years.

marble Townley Venus (6)marble Townley Venus (2)

About Professional Carving Artists


People marvel at the details of classic marble sculptures and are deeply fascinated by them. YouFine can restore 99% of the details for you and recreate the classics. Venus statue’s beautiful face, elegant movements, perfect body proportions, delicate skin, etc. will all be carefully carved for you by YouFine’s professional artists.

marble Townley Venus (10)

 marble Townley Venus (3)

Each artist YouFine works with has an average of 20 years of carving experience. They have shown a strong interest in marble sculpture art and great talent since childhood. Coupled with acquired systematic learning and hard practice, they can eventually grow into a professional carving artist.

marble Townley Venus (4)

About YouFines Safety Packaging and Shipping


YouFine provides three modes of transportation: sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation, and maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with international transportation companies, purchasing full insurance for customers to protect their rights and interests. In addition, YouFine also has a professional packaging team that uses double-layer sponges and 3cm reinforced wooden crates to package the entire marble statue to maximize the safety of the sculpture during transportation.

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Are you a fan of marble Venus statues? YouFine is your great choice. Please feel free to contact us, professionals are at your service 24 hours a day.

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