White Marble Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Decor Supplier MOK1-030

This white marble gazebo is mainly used as an outdoor wedding decoration. It is a very beautiful marble outdoor pavilion carved by top artists of YouFine.
Item No: MOK1-030
Material: Natural White Marble and Iron 
Type: Marble Gazebo wedding decor
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Marble Gazebos 

This white marble gazebo is mainly used as an outdoor wedding decoration. It is a very beautiful marble outdoor pavilion carved by top artists of YouFine. The gazebo consists of two parts, the main part of which is a marble-carved column gazebo. The pavilion wedding decor is topped with a hollowed-out round iron top, this dome is also exquisitely cast, adding more beauty to this marble pavilion. This dome is also exquisitely cast, adding more beauty to the marble pavilion.
marble gazebos for sale -Factory Supplier
white marble gazebo -Factory Supplier

A Wide Range of Uses For Marble Gazebos

YouFine has made many different kinds of marble wedding pavilions and other kinds of pavilions. Each pavilion has a variety of uses, generally speaking, white marble pavilions with beautiful carvings are often used as outdoor wedding decorations. This kind of pavilion has a great ornamental and artistic sense, could attract the audience’s attention, but also could add a more ceremonial and sacred atmosphere to the wedding.
Alternatively, YouFine carved marble gazebos could also be used as outdoor lounges, and stool designs could be added to all of our gazebos. When the weather is fine, you could sit in the gazebo with your family and have tea, snacks, or chat, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors. More, we could also design a closed dome for you, even on rainy days, you could sit in the gazebo and enjoy the beauty of nature.
outdoor pavilion wedding decorations -Factory Supplier

Installation of Marble Gazebos

YouFine offers many large garden sculptures and decorative supplies, and every year we have a large number of marble gazebos from all over the world. We are an experienced factory and leave the installation steps to our customers very simple. Before you receive the goods, we would inform you to harden the installation site with cement in advance. After you receive the goods, customers need to check whether the gazebos are broken or not, and after confirming it is correct, we would provide you with installation drawings and full instructions to help you install the gazebos smoothly.
In addition, our gazebos are marked according to the installation order before packing, which would help you install the gazebos easily. it is worth mentioning that our marble gazebo beam is fixed with steel bars to keep the gazebos stable and safe even when installed in earthquake-prone areas.
Gazebo Installing Diagram-Factory Supplier
pavilion wedding decor - Factory Supplier

Customized Services for Marble Gazebos Outdoor

YouFine is a full customization service provider, and we could meet all the needs of our customers for marble gazebos. On the one hand, YouFine specializes in making various styles of gazebos, including marble column gazebos, marble sculpture gazebos, marble hexagonal gazebos, Chinese and Japanese gazebos, and Italian gazebos and iron gazebos, etc.
On the other hand, the designs of gazebos could all be adjusted according to your needs, such as the style of the drawings on the columns, the material and design of the dome, the color, and so on. What’s more, you could also choose the color and material of the pavilion, YouFine also provides marble tables and stools that match the pavilion, so that you could realize a one-stop shopping service.
marble gazebo outdoor - Factory Supplier
iron gazebo - Factory Supplier
Please feel free to contact us for more information, YouFine is a trustworthy marble sculpture supplier, we believe our marble gazebos could make you satisfied.
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