Outdoor Famous Bronze Ballerina Fountain Replica for Sale BOKK-981

The ballerina fountain shows the graceful dancing posture of the ballet dancers, and turns the water flow into the dancers’ skirts, which is a collision of art and fantastic ideas.

Item No: BOKK-981

Material: high-quality bronze material  

Type: Bronze Fountain

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This is an elegant bronze ballerina fountain. When the water pump is turned on, the water flows like a ballerina’s skirt, which is a novel idea. Although the bronze sculpture is still, the water flow gives it a dynamic beauty. Placing this famous bronze fountain replica in the center of the garden or courtyard could bring an artistic atmosphere to your home.




1:1 Clay Model

Before casting the ballerina fountain, YouFine artists would make only one 1:1 clay model. YouFine’s clay artists are the best in the art field. They have shown interest and great talent in the field of sculpture since childhood. And YouFine’s clay sculpture artists have never stopped learning and making lifelike artworks.

YouFine’s artist responsible for casting figure sculptures has precise control over human body structure and muscle lines, so the clay molds produced are very realistic. We could clearly feel the ballerina’s standard movements, powerful muscles and elegant expressions.


clay model1 clay model1


Silicone Rubber Model

Artists will make silicone rubber molds. First of all, silicone rubber is liquid, and the artist covers all the clay models with liquid silicone rubber. During the solidification process, all the details of the statue will appear accurately, such as hair, eyes and other fine parts of the statue. Second, this technique is able to effectively reduce the appearance of white spots and green spots.


bronze girl fountain (1)


Test The Waters before Shipment

Before delivery, the factory would test the water of the ballerina fountain to ensure that the fountain could operate normally. Secondly, during the water testing process, photos and videos would also be taken to assist customers in installation.




Feedback from Customer

This is a feedback picture provided by a Dutch customer to YouFine two years after receiving the fountain, because he felt that the quality of YouFine’s products was very good and the price was right, so he bought 3 more bronze fountains two years later.


girl fountain


More Choices

YouFine has cast bronze fountains of the same style but with different shapes for customers. If you are interested, you could contact YouFine at any time. Professionals would provide you with one-on-one service and provide you with catalog and price information.


more fountain


YouFine welcomes your inquiries at any time!

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