Large Style Outdoor Marble Gazebo Garden Pavilion MOK1-019

This is a large white outdoor marble gazebo suitable for outdoor places such as gardens, parks, and squares.

  • Product Category: Marble Carving
  • Type: Marble Gazebo
  • Model Number:MOK1-019
  • Material: Natural Marble
  • Size: H 118.1′ or customized
  • This beautiful gazebo features several elegant columns supporting a circular dome,please call us for more information.

Description of Outdoor Marble Gazebo:

This is a large white outdoor marble gazebo suitable for outdoor places such as gardens, parks, and squares. The exquisite and atmospheric design would bring a different decorative effect to your garden than before. Delicately carved carved decorations give this gazebo a refined and beautiful image. The hollow iron hat with anti-rust treatment on the top of the gazebo also makes the gazebo look more artistic.
marble gazebo (3)

Multi-Directional Display:

A beautifully designed and carved marble gazebo could withstand all scrutiny. We would show multi-angle photos of this marble gazebo so that customers could have a clearer understanding of it. No matter from which angle it is viewed, the carvings on the beams and the details on the stone piers are perfect. This is the quality that an excellent sculpture handicraft should have.
 marble gazebo (1)marble gazebo (5)

Variety of Gazebo Designs:

As a professional supplier of marble pavilions, YouFine has produced countless pavilions. Of course, the style of gazebo is also very rich. There are common round solid column marble gazebos and square hollow column pavilions. For the same type of pavilion, we also adjusted some details. For example, the thickness and color of the pillars, the detailed design on the beams, the material and color of the iron hat on the top, and so on. In YouFine, you could have more choices.
white marble gazebo-Factory Supplier-02
marble italian gazebo-Factory Supplier-02
In addition, we could also recommend the most suitable marble pavilion for you according to your installation site. For example, the seaside is not suitable for a marble gazebo with thin columns, because it may be damaged by waves and sea wind. In short, we have rich knowledge of marble pavilions and could provide enough help for your purchase and installation.
marble gazebo outdoor-01-Factory Supplier
marble gazebo outdoor-Factory Supplier
White marble gazebo-01-Factory Supplier
If you like other styles of outdoor marble gazebos, you could go to our homepage to see more, or you could contact us and we would recommend them to you.





 White  Garden  Marble Gazebo  For Sale

Item NO



H 118.1’or customized size


Beige or Customized


Hand carved and high polished


Outer in 3CM standard wooden crate,inner in with soft foam.


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