Outdoor Hand Carved Marble Pergola for Sale

Marble pergola, or marble gazebo, is hand-carved from high-quality marble and is suitable for decoration in outdoor gardens, manors, courtyards and other places.

Item No: MOK1-179

Material: Natural Marble  

Type: Marble Gazebo

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

A marble pergola, also known as a marble gazebo, is intricately hand-carved from premium-quality marble, making it ideal for outdoor garden, manor, courtyard, and other outdoor space decoration. This is a classic and simple marble gazebo. The load-bearing part is composed of six pillars. The tops of the pillars have exquisite carving designs, and the entire gazebo is also covered with relief designs. Every marble pergola for sale from YouFine is crafted with proven quality.


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Carefully Selected Marble Material

Before carving a marble pergola, YouFine carefully selects high-quality marble as the raw material. A professional team regularly visits the material yard to hand-pick materials suitable for carving outdoor marble gazebos, and transporting them back to the factory. They maintain strict standards for material selection, with Dora, the leader of YouFine, personally overseeing inspections from time to time. The marble used in this gazebo for sale is sourced from China, known for its charming color and exceptional quality.


marble material


Personalized Customized Service

We offer customized marble gazebo services, allowing you to select from various designs that align with your preferences. This includes choosing the gazebo top, color, column designs, and more. Our professionals will present you with different styles to choose from, all tailored to your specific needs.


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Professional Installation Guidance

If the installation of a marble pergola is carried out meticulously, it can effectively withstand wind and rain. YouFine ensures this by providing professional installation guidance and detailed installation drawings along with the marble gazebo for sale. From the moment you contact YouFine, a dedicated professional will offer you personalized service every step of the way. In addition to creating a tailored marble plan, they will also provide expert installation guidance to assist you in the process.


marble gazebo installation


We have curated an exquisite product catalog for customers to choose from. Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs.


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