Life Size Outdoor Bronze Mermaid Sculpture for Sale BOK1-238

Bronze mermaid sculpture is a very popular type of sculpture, YouFine has provided high-quality mermaid statues to customers from different countries for 40 years. This life size bronze mermaid statue is a great decorative choice for your outdoor paradise, offering long-lasting quality and realistic details.
Item No: BOK1-238
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

This life size mermaid statue was carefully cast by top artists of YouFine, using high-quality bronze material. This set of bronze sculptures is very beautiful and consists of two main parts. The upper part of the sculpture is a nude female with a beautiful figure, and the lower part is a beautiful fishtail.

YouFine’s artists took great care in casting this outdoor mermaid statue, which has long, thick hair and girlish skin. The tail of the mermaid could be seen on every scale, which seems to shine in the sun. The most special thing is the design of the wave base, which adds a sense of art to this bronze sculpture.

life size mermaid statue for sale -Factory Supplier\

The Casting Process of Bronze Sculpture

YouFine cast this exquisite bronze life-size mermaid statue using the traditional lost wax method, which is a common method of casting bronze sculptures in ancient China. The lost wax method consists of 33 processes and steps, including building the model, making the wax shell and sandbox, casting the bronze, and painting.

casting process

This method was learned by YouFine artists after many years of study and visits and has been improved and innovated by our top artists, YouFine has now mastered the professional lost wax bronze casting process. YouFine’s bronze sculptures are highly appreciated by our customers for their quality control.


large outdoor mermaid statue -Factory Supplier

Professional Patina Artists

The color of the life size mermaid statue has a great influence on the quality of the sculpture, and YouFine factory has artists who specialize in various sculpture patina coloring methods. We have mastered a variety of patina methods such as painting, gilding, painting, and chemical patina treatment, and the most common patina method used at YouFine is chemical patina treatment.

This method fixes the color on the surface of the outdoor mermaid statue by mixing a chemical potion, reducing the risk of fading. What’s more, this method could restore the color of the sculpture to the maximum extent, which could make the sculpture look very natural and could become more and more natural with time. In addition, we would choose the most suitable patina method according to the customer’s needs and the specific needs of the sculpture.

outdoor mermaid statue -Factory Supplier

More Choices for Bronze Mermaid Statues

YouFine is a professional supplier of bronze sculptures, and we offer a wide range of beautiful sculptures to our customers. We have produced many different shapes of bronze outdoor mermaid statues. These sculptures come in different shapes and colors.

What’s more, you could freely choose the shape, color, and size of the sculpture, in addition, our designers could design more different styles of bronze mermaids for you. If you have pictures of bronze sculptures you want to cast, you could also send them to us, and YouFine could surely cast the same sculpture for you at a reasonable price.

bronze mermaid statues for sale -Factory Supplieroutdoor mermaid statue (1) outdoor mermaid statue (2)

Feedback from YouFine’s Clients


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YouFine is a trustworthy bronze sculpture supplier, we are proficient in making marble sculptures, bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, and other sculptures in various materials. If you need it, please feel free to contact us for purchase.
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