Life Size Outdoor Bronze Mermaid Statue for Sale

This bronze mermaid statue has an elegant appearance and a beautiful face. With 40 years of casting experience, YouFine provides high-quality bronze sculptures to customers around the world.

Item No: BOKK – 334

Material: high-quality bronze material

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This is an elegant bronze mermaid statue. The beautiful mermaid seems to have just jumped out of the sea and rested on the rock. The mermaid is supporting the rock with her hands and her head slightly upward, as if she is sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. YouFine’s artist casts the mermaid’s elegant fishtail lines and iconic human features. Whether placed in the garden, courtyard or beside the swimming pool, this life size bronze mermaid statue is a plus point for the space.

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Purely Handmade Realistic Clay Models


YouFine’s artist will first carve a 1:1 clay model of the mermaid before casting bronze mermaid statue. The clay mold is crucial because it determines all the details of the bronze sculpture. YouFine’s artists have extensive experience in casting mermaid statues and have made various styles of mermaid clay models. Each mermaid’s tail, scales, facial expressions, and body lines are processed to be lifelike.

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40 Years Professional Foundry


As a professional foundry, YouFine has advanced equipment, masters superb casting technique, and cooperates with experienced professional artists. Every step of the casting process is strictly treated by professionals. We sincerely welcome every customer from all over the world to visit our factory and accept all inspections and tests.

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Color Customization Service


The artist responsible for the coloring uses the patina technique, a coloring technique that provides beautiful and long-lasting color. The artist can design and prepare different special colors according to the customer’s needs and the bronze mermaid statue plan until the customer is satisfied. The life size bronze mermaid statue provided by YouFine has beautiful color, light tone, not easy to fall off, and will become more and more natural.

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YouFines Shipping and Packaging


YouFine’s each bronze mermaid statue for sale will be packed with professional materials, double-layer shock-proof sponge, 3cm reinforced wooden crates, etc. when shipped. At the same time, YouFine maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with international transportation companies and purchases comprehensive insurance for customers.

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Do you like this elegant bronze mermaid statue? If you like it, please feel free to contact YouFine, and professionals will provide you with more detailed information, including exquisite product catalogs and prices.

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