Large Outdoor Golden Bronze Thousand Armed Buddha

The bronze Thousand Armed Buddha has 11 heads and 1,000 hands, can hear cries, and can touch the suffering of the masses.

Item No: BOK1-391

Type: Bronze Buddha Statue

Material: Bronze

Color: The Picture Color or Customized

Size: Life Size or Customized

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service 1: Customized Service

Service 2: Trade Assurance

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva symbolizes infinite compassion and occupies a very important position in Mahayana Buddhism. Considered as the manifestation of Amitabha Buddha, he also has boundless compassion. The gold-plated thousand-armed Buddha stands on a tall base in the shape of a “thousand arms”. It has a natural shape and a peaceful and compassionate expression. The main hand is located on the chest, and the deputy hand radiates outward from the body. Each person holds a different handprint. represent different tools that symbolize power.


Thousand Armed Buddha (3) Thousand Armed Buddha (1)


40 Years of High Quality

Founded in 1983, YouFine sells a wide range of high-quality bronze sculptures for indoor and outdoor use. After forty years of dedication to sculpture casting, we have accumulated a large customer base due to our superior quality. YouFine’s bronze thousand armed Buddha will first be hand-carved with a 1:1 clay model before casting. Experienced artists can carve calm and peaceful expressions and standard postures of Buddha statues.


bronze buddha sculpture (2)


We use the traditional lost wax method to cast the bronze thousand armed Buddha, which requires at least 33 steps. The artist will treat each step carefully and constantly modify the wax shell in the early stage to ensure the details of the bronze Buddha sculpture. All bronze sculptures will be packaged by hand according to high standards, using a double layer of anti-shock sponge to wrap the entire sculpture and into a 3cm thick reinforced wooden crate.


Thousand Armed Buddha (4)


Undertake Large-scale Projects

We have extensive experience in undertaking large bronze thousand armed Buddha statue and provide detailed installation instructions and professional installation drawings. Of course, we also have our own professional installation team that can provide cross-border installation services. Customers can rest assured that the long-established YouFine will continue to operate in an extremely professional manner, selling high quality bronze Buddha statues for sale.


bronze buddha sculpture (3)


Please feel free to contact YouFine and we will provide you with a beautiful product bronze thousand armed Buddha catalog and guarantee that we will do our best to ensure you have an exceptional experience, as recognized by many customers who have purchased with confidence on a regular basis over the years.


bronze buddha sculpture (4) bronze buddha sculpture (1)

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