Garden Bronze Water Fountain Statues Carry Jar

Bronze water fountain statues are suitable for gardens, parks, courtyards and other places, bringing an elegant atmosphere to the space. YouFine has been providing high quality outdoor bronze fountains to customers around the world for 40 years.

Item No: BOK1- 506

Material: high-quality bronze material

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This bronze water fountain statues has an elegant appearance. A beautiful female carries the water jug on her shoulders. When the water pump is turned on, the water will naturally flow out from top to bottom, bringing a crisp and smooth sound to the space. The woman’s skirt is in a classic, timeless blue-green color and the body is in bronze, bringing a classic atmosphere to your garden.

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Advanced Silica Sol Technique


When many customers purchase bronze sculptures from other manufacturers, they find white spots or green spots on the surface of the sculpture, which are caused by chemical reactions during the casting process. But YouFine’s bronze garden water fountain will not have this situation, because we have introduced silica sol technology to avoid this situation. YouFine has been specialized in casting for 40 years and only provides customers with high-quality bronze sculptures.

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Actual Measurement of Bronze Plate Thickness


The bronze water fountain statues provided by YouFine are cast from bronze with high copper content, up to 80%, with a thickness of 5-8 mm, giving them solid quality. It has qualities that can be passed down for generations.

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Professional Artists Meet Different Color Needs


In the coloring process, YouFine artists use the patina technique, which is an excellent coloring technique well known in the bronze sculpture industry. But unlike other factories, YouFine’s artists can prepare special colors according to customers’ descriptions until the customer is satisfied, which is something many factories cannot do. The bronze water fountain statues’ color is very long lasting and will look more natural over time.

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Strict Packaging to Protect the Safety of Fountain


When YouFine packages the bronze sculpture, we use a double layer of anti-shock sponge to wrap the entire sculpture and place it in a 3cm thick reinforced wooden crate. A professional team will reinforce each box one by one to prevent the sculpture from being bumped during transportation to the greatest extent.

In addition, YouFine maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with international transportation companies, providing three modes of transportation: sea transportation, air transportation, and land transportation according to actual conditions, and purchasing full insurance for customers to protect their rights and interests.

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Bronze fountains are one of YouFine’s best-selling sculpture categories, and we have provided bronze water fountains of different styles to customers around the world. In addition, we have produced a beautiful product catalog, contact YouFine to realize your beautiful garden plan with bronze fountain for sale together.

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