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Marble statue is one of the oldest art forms, which is the art of creating three-dimensional figures out of marble. Marble statues are known as soulful works of art because they offer the finest lines. Some artists have created works beyond our imagination, and even marble statues seem to be alive. As a factory that provides sculptures to customers all over the world, I would like to lead you to appreciate the ten most vivid marble statues.

1.Marble Portrait of the Co-emperor Lucius Verus, Roman Antonine period


Lucius Aurelius Verus was Roman Emperor from 161 until his death in 169. This head fragment is from a very large portrait bust or statue of Lucius Verus. There is a lion-like majesty to this portrait, which in no way suggests that he is an idle, dissolute ruler. This is typical Antony style, using ornate diamond ornaments in the hair and sculpted eyes to dramatize the basic naturalistic image.

Lucius Verus

Source: Marble Portrait Bust of Lucius Verus

The most attractive thing about this marble bust is the curly hair of Lucius Verus. Dramatic curly hair with strong light and shade effects was a popular hairstyle for men at that time, but it needs a lot of carving technique as a basis to carve it out one by one and conform to the reality.

Such lines can not only bring people a great sense of visual enjoyment, but at the same time, when they realize that it is originally just a piece of marble, they will feel a greater shock.

Lucius Verus2

2.Gian Lorenzo Bernini – The Rape of Proserpina, 1621-22


The Rape of Proserpina is a large marble group statue by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini was only 23 years old when he completed this series of works, depicting the story of Proserpina being captured by the god Pluto and taken to the underworld. It features Pluto lifting Proserpine aloft, while the Cerberus symbolizes Pluto carrying Proserpine into the borders of the underworld.

The Rape of Proserpina

Source: Marble the Rape of Proserpina Statue

Bernini’s attention to realism is evident in the anatomical features of the artwork, where we can see that as Pluto’s hands grasp Proserpina’s thighs, his fingers seem to sink into her fragile flesh. Also, when he tries to control her, the muscles in his arms will protrude, giving people a sense of the strength of human muscles.

The Rape of Proserpina2


For statue lovers, having a replica of a favorite marble statue of such astounding detail in their home collection would be a real bliss. Choose YouFine Sculpture, we will be your wish fulfiller.

3.Gian Lorenzo Bernini- Apollo and Daphne, 1622–1625


Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne is a baroque work of art, a life-size marble figure statue now in the collection of the Borghese Gallery in Rome, Italy. The expression of the characters in this statue is very detailed and the shape is lifelike. The two protagonists stand slightly overlapping, forming a clear and concise composition, highlighting the theme, and having a visual effect.

Apollo and Daphne

Source: Famous Apollo and Daphne Statue Replica

The magic of Bernini is that he can carve different textures on the same block of marble. The softness of Apollo’s clothes and the stiffness of muscles, the smoothness and tenderness of Daphne’s body skin, the roughness of tree trunks and the tenderness of leaves. It is such a vivid texture contrast that makes people seem to see a living scene.

Apollo and Daphne2


4.Oeuvre d’Edme Bouchardon – Faune endormi, 1726 / 1730


The statue was created in Rome between 1726 and 1730. It was sculpted by Edmé Bouchardon from a famous antique Fauno Barberini in the Barberini collection. Since the French copy sat outdoors in a Paris park for more than 150 years, it now appears to be older than the original from the late third or early second century BC.

Faune endormi


Edme Bouchardon sculpted various parts of the human body out of marble, including the facial muscles of the Faune endormi. He sculpted the fatty build-up from the slant of the neck, and it’s these details that make the whole statue come alive.

Faune endormi1

5.Antonio Corradini- Modesty, 1752


Modesty by Antonio Corradini is a sculpture completed in 1752 during the Rococo period. Her face is turned away from the viewer, with a transparent veil covering her eyes. Her pose is attractive. The veil looks heavy, yet transparent. Covering some important parts will not look too sexy.

Antonio Corradini - Modesty


The figure’s soft body is full of fluidity, and it is a smooth and perfect person. The veil carved out of marble is a very common factor in sculpture, which is also a great test for the artist’s carving skills. The smoothness and lightness of the silk scarf contrasts with the layers of flower petals, bringing people into the situation naturally.

Antonio Corradini - Modesty1


6.Louis-Philippe Mouchy-Duke of Montausier, Charles de Sainte-Maure , 1781


The Statue of the Duke of Montosier, sometimes called the Marble Lace Handkerchief, was beautifully sculpted by Louis-Philippe Muchy in 1781. Marble lace handkerchiefs are renowned for their detail, a level of delicacy rarely seen in marble work.

Duke of Montausier


Obviously, it is incredible to carve the marble into a handkerchief with a hollow effect, and there is no sense of the hardness of the marble.

7.Giovanni Battista Lombardi- Najade of Ninfa, 1823 -1880


This is a work completed by Lombardi in 1858. The whole sculpture combines simplicity, harmony and romance. The young woman is about to enter the river, looking down at the water and feeling the cool water on the toes of her right foot.

Najade of Ninfa1


Lombardi’s virtuosity is clearly visible in the marble, especially the river water left over the tentative toe. The artist carves the static marble into a dynamic trickle of water.

Najade of Ninfa


Handkerchief, silk scarves, gauze skirts, etc. are the themes that often appear in marble statues, which is also a great test for the artist’s carving level and basic skills. The artists that YouFine cooperates with have expressed great interest in sculpture since they were teenager, and God seems to have kissed their hands.

For instance, innate talent plus decades of accumulated experience, the carved marble Veiled Virgin replica statue are amazing.

8.Thomas Ridgeway Gould -The West Wind, 1874


The west wind shows the image of a vigorous young woman who seems to be preparing to fly, with her clothes fluttering in the air with the wind. It was particularly praised by one critic, who felt that the marble figure statue indicated the milder qualities of the healthiest winds on the American continent.

The West Wind1


Amazingly, the artist shows people the shape of the wind through the flowing dress carved out of marble. The effect of alternating light and dark formed by carefully carved lines gives people an artistic shock.

The West Wind7


9.Ambrogio Borghi–Berenice’s Tresses,1878


Berenice’s Tresses, an extremely rare memento from the height of Italian sculpture in the late 19th century, has been described as “the most beautiful young female figure ever escaped from the neighborhood of Carrara, alive and pulsating.” This marble female statue has an almost stunning realism, with soft skin surfaces in motion, leaving flowing curly hair flowing behind.

Berenice’s Tresses1


Artist sculpts visuals of human skin and fat out of marble, enhancing the sensitivity of the marble surface. The fingers of the characters are crossed together, and the arms are extended upwards. The extremely realistic appearance brings people visual enjoyment.

Berenice’s Tresses


10.Gaetano Cellini- Humanity Against Evil, 1908


This stunning marble figure statue was carved by sculptor Gaetano Cellini between 1873 and 1937 and is now in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. The marble statue depicts the struggle between good and evil, human beings struggle with evil and are exhausted.

Humanity Against Evil1

Source: Famous Marble Humanity Against Evil Sculpture

Its hands are rough and atrophied, yet the artist has sculpted not muscles but tendons and veins. The endless struggle made the muscles in the back hard as metal. The luster of the marble makes the whole statue look more powerful.

Humanity Against Evil4


Reasons Marble Statues Are Lifelike

Among common stone materials, only marble has a slight translucency, comparable to human skin. It is this translucency that gives marble statue visual depth beyond its surface and, when used in figurative works, evokes a certain realism. Certain types of marble also have the advantage of being relatively soft when first mined and easy to work, refine and polish. This translucent effect of marble makes some famous marble statues appear almost alive.

Of course, no matter how good the marble is, it can only be a cold stone if there is no skilled artist. The technique of the sculptor and his artistic attainments are also what make the statue “live”. YouFine has sufficient marble material resources and cooperates with artists with superb carving skills to provide customers with the best marble statue artwork.



YouFine Could Meet All Your Visions for Marble Statues

As a factory with 40 years of international trade experience, YouFine cooperates with professional designers and artists who are good at any western sculpture and products with western concepts, and can customize exquisite marble statues according to customers’ needs.

If you have deep affection for sculpture art and have a demand for marble statues, YouFine will be an excellent choice!

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