Top 10 Most Popular Bronze Wildlife Sculptures in North America

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The relationship between humans and wildlife has a long history, from hunting animals for food, to domesticating animals as labor force, to people protecting animals and creating a harmonious natural environment. Showing animal images in different ways has always been the main content of artistic expression. Bronze wildlife sculptures are one of the ways for people to express animal images, and they are also the best gifts for wildlife lovers.

Next, please follow my footsteps and I will introduce you to the top 10 most popular bronze wildlife sculptures. Maybe there will always be one that can touch your heart.

grizzly statue

1.Bronze Bison Sculpture


About Basion

The American bison, also known as the North American bison, the American buffalo, and the oxen, is a bovid mammal of the order Artiodactyl. It is also the largest mammal in North America and one of the largest bison in the world. Despite its huge size, it can still maintain a running speed of 60 kilometers. The main group consists of females and calves. It usually feeds on young stems and grasses and is non-territorial.

From Dominance to Near Extinction

After European colonists entered North America, bison were massacred and nearly extinct by the end of the 19th century, with only a few hundred remaining. They were eventually strictly protected and the population has now recovered. There are approximately 10,000 bison living on state-owned lands managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, divided into 17 bison herds and distributed in 12 states. At first, less than 50 bison were protected here, but now the population has multiplied to about 4,900, making it the largest purebred bison herd.

bronze Bison sculpture

Why People Like Bronze Bison Sculpture

A lot of effort has gone into protecting bison. And because of its simple and honest urban charm, Bison has also won the favor of many people. Therefore, bronze bison sculptures are very popular.  Bronze bison sculptures can be seen in parks, gardens, squares, and pastures.

bison sculpture

2.Bronze Grizzly Sculpture


About Grizzly

The North American grizzly bear is one of the subspecies of the brown bear in the class Mammalia and the family Ursidae. Male grizzly bears can stand up to 2.5 meters tall on their hind limbs. The coat is thick and dense, reaching 10 cm in winter. The head is large and round, the body is strong, and the shoulders and back are bulging.

There is a bulging muscle on the back of the brown bear. When they dig holes, that muscle gives the brown bear the strength of its forelimbs. The bear’s paws are thick and powerful, and its tail is short. The hind limbs are more powerful than the forelimbs.

Human Impact on Grizzly Survival

Apart from humans, grizzlyhave no natural predators in the wild. Because grizzly require large spaces to feed and live, their range can be as large as 500 square miles. However, with the continuous expansion and extension of human settlements, the natural habitat of North American grizzly bears has been greatly restricted, thus threatening their survival. According to the Washington Convention, grizzly are strictly protected and illegal poaching of grizzly for bear paws, bile or trophies is strictly prohibited.

bronze bear statue

Why People Like Bronze Grizzly Sculpture

Every year many Americans flock to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for a rare glimpse of grizzly bears. Those who go home with photos and memories they will cherish for a lifetime. This is enough to show how much people love grizzly, so many people will customize a bronze grizzly sculpture to place in their own courtyard or garden, and some businesses will also place a life-size grizzly bear sculpture at the door of their store.

bronze bear sculpture
Source: Fighting Bronze Bear Statue with Eagle

3.Bronze Polar BearSculpture


About Polar Bear

The polar bear is an animal in the Ursidae family and is the largest terrestrial carnivore in the world. It is also known as the white bear. The body is large and stout, with a shoulder height of up to 1.6 meters. Similar to a grizzly, except without the shoulder hump. The skin is black and the hair is transparent so it usually looks white, but also has yellow and other colors. It is huge and ferocious.

Polar bears are found throughout the ice-covered waters of the Arctic Circle. In areas where Arctic sea ice melts completely each summer, polar bears are forced to spend several months on land, where they feed primarily on stored fat until the sea freezes.

The Living Conditions of Polar Bears

Polar bears are not harmless to humans, but unrestricted hunting and killing will put polar bears at risk. The main threats facing polar bears include pollution, poaching and disturbance from industrial activities. While the effects of climate change are uncertain, it is recognized that even minor climate changes could have profound effects on polar bears’ sea ice habitats.

bronze Polar bear

Adorable Bronze Polar Bear Sculpture

People think polar bear cubs are cute because they are small, furry and act like little kids. They’re not as coordinated as adults, which is hilariously cute to humans. Adult polar bears are furry and generally considered cute by humans. They also behave like humans in some ways, but since they are clearly less than humans, they are considered funny and cute. Therefore, we can see bronze polar bear sculptures in some squares in North American cities.

polar bear sculpture

4.Bronze Moose Sculpture


About Moose

North American moose have slender legs and are good at running. The moose’s head is long and large, but its eyes are small. The antlers of adult male deer are mostly palm-like branches. They are typical subarctic coniferous forest animals, living in forests, lakes, swamps and wetlands, often accompanied by spruce, fir and pine forests. Most active in the morning and evening, they like to forage at dawn and dusk. Their food includes various trees, shrubs and herbs, as well as branches and bark.

The Living Conditions of Moose

This species has a wide distribution range, is not close to the fragile and endangered critical value standard for species survival, and has a stable population trend, so it is evaluated as a species with no survival crisis. The main threats to the status of moose populations are human-caused habitat modification. In southern Canada, forestry and agricultural development have caused dramatic and widespread reductions in the extent of boreal forests.

Source: Life Size Bronze Moose Statue

Friends on Travel

Moose are typically spotted on most trips, sometimes with many sightings in multiple locations. If you’ve never seen a moose up close, you’re in for a true visual experience. Their long noses, big ears, goofy smiles, and calm demeanor will make you smile. Therefore, people are attracted by the cuteness of moose, and customized bronze sculptures are placed in various places in life.

bronze moose statue
Source: Outdoor Garden Lawn Bronze Moose Statue

5.Bronze Reindeer Sculpture


About Reindeer

Reindeer are native to the Arctic region. They are short and stocky and good at swimming. Some biologists divide North American caribou into two types: one is called northern caribou, which inhabits the northern tundra and coniferous forests; the other is called forest caribou. , inhabiting the forests of Canada. The number of wild caribou is decreasing year by year and is now endangered. Always in large groups, they migrate every summer and winter.

Cause of Endangerment

Humans began to domesticate reindeer very early. In addition to being used as mounts and pulling sleds, their meat, milk, skin and horns are necessities for people. Due to the above reasons, the number of wild caribou is decreasing year by year and is already in an endangered state.


Reasons to Love Reindeer

Many people from traditional reindeer herding societies travel on sleds, wear clothes in modern fabrics, and spend at least part of the year in modern homes. But there are still some people who rely almost entirely on reindeer for survival. Reindeer have a calming presence, which may help explain why people are so keen to follow their herds to the edge of the earth. So it’s no surprise that reindeer were cast into bronze sculptures.

Reindeer sculpture
Source: Bronze Reindeer Statue Garden Design for Sale

6.Bronze Cougar Sculpture


About Cougar

The cougar is a mammal of the carnivore order Catidae, also known as the mountain lion, Mexican lion, silver tiger, and Florida panther. The head is round, the mouth is wide, the eyes are big, the ears are short, and there are black spots behind the ears; the body is uniform, the limbs are medium-long; the limbs and tail are thick, and the hind legs are longer than the front legs.

Population Status

In the early 1990s, the cougar population was approximately 3,500-5,000 in Canada and 10,000 in the western United States. Numbers in Central and South America are likely much higher. In Brazil, it is considered an endangered species, but subspecies other than the Amazon’s base species are considered vulnerable.

bronze cougar statue

Puma Brings Enlightenment to People’s Life

The meanings and symbols of the cougar include protection, agility, adaptability, secrecy, beauty and wealth. The puma is a symbol of agility. They remind us to move quickly—both literally and figuratively. Instead of being rigid, we should strive to become flexible in mind and body. This means being ready for whatever comes our way – whether it’s a challenge or an opportunity.

Therefore, placing a bronze cougar sculpture in your home or yard will bring strength to people at any time.

bronze cougar

7.Bronze Gray Wolf Sculpture


About Gray Wolf

North American gray wolf is the collective name for the gray wolf subspecies in North America. The color is mostly gray, but there are also brown, black and white. North American gray wolves are mainly found in the northern United States and Canada. They like to live in groups, are aggressive and aggressive by nature, and possess an astonishing bite force of up to 700 pounds. North American gray wolves are typically carnivores that feed on other animals, including large animals such as moose and American bison.

Once on the Verge of Extinction

The gray wolf once flourished in the American continent, but with the gradual development of the United States’ economic development, this carnivore was once on the verge of extinction in the 48 contiguous states of the United States. In order to preserve this species, the U.S. government has taken various protective measures in the past 20 years. Impressively, in the mid-1990s, the U.S. Wildlife Management Department released 66 gray wolves into Yellowstone Park and central Idaho.

gray wolf statue

Reasons To Love Gray Wolves Sculpture

As we all know, wolves are social animals, and a male wolf will only have one partner in his life. They love their families just like humans, so many people will be moved by the spirit of gray wolves.

In addition, dogs are thought to have originated from an ancient and genetically diverse group of wolves in Europe thousands of years ago. Wolves and dogs are so closely related that the latter is considered a subspecies of the gray wolf. Therefore, the bronze gray wolf sculpture is also loved by people.


8.BronzeJaguar Sculpture


About Jaguar

In fact, Jaguar is neither a tiger nor a leopard, but a carnivore living in the Americas. The pattern on its body is more like that of a leopard, but the shape of its entire body is closer to that of a tiger. Its body size is between that of a tiger and a leopard. It is the largest cat on the American continent.

Cause of Endangerment

The main threats to jaguars come from deforestation and poaching. If a jaguar is found without tree cover, it will be shot immediately. Farmers often kill jaguars to protect their livestock, and locals often compete with jaguars for captured prey.


The Most Impressive Animal Sculpture

Jaguars are impressive because of the power of their bite and their complete dominance over the realms of land, water, and trees in the Amazon and surrounding areas. Their size is impressive, they are beautiful, and although they are large animals, they are surprisingly secretive.

After casting the Jaguar into a bronze animal sculpture, people can intuitively observe this ferocious animal. When placed in a courtyard or in front of a square, it is also a sculpture that injects a sense of power into the city.

bronze jajuar statue

9.Bronze Bald EagleSculpture


About Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is a bird of the family Accipitridae of the order Accipitridae, also known as the bald eagle and the American eagle. Bald eagles are larger in size, with white head feathers, sharp and curved beaks and claws; they are very ferocious and have keen eyesight. Bald eagles are mostly found throughout Canada, the United States, and northern Mexico. They like to live near coasts, rivers, and large lakes rich in fish resources.

Cultural Connotation

The American bald eagle is deeply loved by the American people because of its majestic appearance and being a specialty species of North America. Therefore, on June 20, 1782, shortly after independence, U.S. President Clark and the U.S. Congress passed a resolution and legislation to select The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. Both the national emblem of the United States and the uniforms of the U.S. military depict a bald eagle holding an olive branch with one foot and an arrow with the other, symbolizing peace and strong force. In view of its extraordinary value, the bald eagle is protected by law as the national bird of the United States.

bronze eagle
Source: Large Outdoor Bronze Eagle Sculpture

Strength and Freedom.

The bald eagle’s ferocious beauty and proud independence aptly symbolize America’s strength and freedom. As the national bird of the United States, the bald eagle should be loved by the people, so it is normal when bronze bald eagle sculptures appear in people’s homes or shopping malls.

bald eagle statue

10.Bronze Mammoth Sculpture


About Mammoth

Mammoth is a mammal of the genus Mammoth in the family Elephantidae, order Proboscis. Mammoth skulls were shorter and taller than modern elephants. The body is covered with long brown hair. Viewed from the side, its shoulders are the highest point of its body, and it descends steeply from its back. There is an obvious depression in its neck, and its skin is covered with long hair. Its image is like a hunchbacked old man.

The Extinction of the Mammoth

The mammoth lived approximately 4.8 million to 10,000 years ago. It was a representative creature during the Quaternary Ice Age and was the largest elephant in the world at that time. Due to climate warming, slow growth, insufficient food, and hunting by humans and beasts, the survival rate of its young elephants is extremely low, leading to a rapid decline in numbers until extinction. The demise of the entire mammoth population marked the end of the Quaternary Ice Age.

bronze mammoth statue

Enduring Curiosity

The mammoth is an animal that is familiar to both adults and children. You can often see this animal in movies and animations. As an extinct species, modern people will always remain curious, so casting it into bronze sculptures is also a way to satisfy people’s curiosity.

bronze mammoth

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