Are Wrought Iron Gazebo Noisy When it Rains or Hails?

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Since the wrought iron gazebo provided by YouFine has a long service life (up to hundreds of years), this issue is worthy of concern for most customers. Since this high-quality wrought iron gazebo will last a lifetime, this is a legitimate concern. Let me tell you straight up, no, a wrought iron gazebo is no noisier than other types of roofs. 

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If you’re worried about noise contaminating your garden during a storm or hailstorm, rest assured that the noise is not much louder than rain hitting other roof materials.

Why Not Noisy


According to data published by a professional research group, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind is about 20 decibels, the sound of rain on asphalt shingles is about 46 decibels, the sound of normal conversation hovers between 50 and 60 decibels, and the sound of a metal roof is about 20 decibels. of rain is 52 decibels. Since most people cannot distinguish sounds less than eight decibels, the difference in noise between a metal roof and other roofs is imperceptible.

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Scientific experiments show that prolonged exposure of humans to noise levels above 70 decibels gradually damages hearing, while sounds above 120 decibels can cause pain and ear injury. During an actual storm, that decibel can climb to 55 decibels, but that’s still tolerable, if not pleasant, for many people.

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How to Block Noise


This result may be different from what people would get if they judge intuitively. Don’t be surprised, you are not alone.

When YouFine manufactured the wrought iron gazebo, it equipped the four corners of each gazebo with drainage pipes from top to bottom to ensure that accumulated water can be drained away in time and reduce the sharp sound of heavy rainfall.

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Additionally, if you want a quiet environment even on rainy days, then I recommend further isolating the sound with modern products. Roof shingles, insulation and underlayment, blinds and more are all good options. The blinds can be adjusted to different angles or completely closed for achieve full sunshade and weatherproofing.

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Please Feel Free to Purchase


It is worth noting that YouFine’s wrought iron gazebo requires almost no maintenance, is corrosion-resistant, and can last a lifetime of your house. It can be said to be a legacy. Therefore, over the past 40 years of experience, YouFine has gained a large customer base from all over the world due to its extremely high quality. 

You can feel free to contact YouFine and purchase your beloved wrought iron gazebo, just consider your budget, preferences and space.

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