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rape of Proserpina statue (5)
Hand Carved Marble the Rape of Proserpina Statue Replica for Sale MOK1-227
The Rape of Proserpina statue is a large Baroque marble sculpture group created by Italian artist Bernini...
Augustus de Primaporta statue (3)
Famous Marble Augustus of Prima Porta Statue Replica MOKK-615
Augustus of Prima Porta statue is a white marble statue of the first emperor of the Roman Empire, 2.04...
Famous Marble Venus de' Medici Statue Replica for Sale MOKK-207
The Venus de’ Medici statue is an ancient Greek marble sculpture depicting the Greek goddess of...
Famous Marble Michelangelo Moses Statue for Sale MOKK-845
The Michelangelo Moses statue is a marble statue with a height of 235 cm. It was created between 1513...
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victics statue (4)
Life Size Marble Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix Sculpture MOKK-240
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix is a semi-nude life-size reclining neoclassical portrait sculpture...
Farnese Hercules statue (1)
Famous Hand Carved Marble Farnese Hercules Statue MOKK-863
Hercules is the greatest hero in Greek mythology, the embodiment of strength, courage and wisdom. For...
dying gaul statue (1)
Famous Marble Dying Gaul Statue Replica for Sale MOK1-008
The Dying Gaul statue is an ancient Roman marble statue. In ancient historical sources, Diodorus of Sicily...
Famous Marble Humanity Against Evil Sculpture Replica for Sale MOK1-226
Humanity Against Evil was created by the sculptor Gaetano Cellini between 1873 and 1937 and is now in...
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