Running Life Size Bronze Horse Statue for Sale

Life size bronze horse statue for sale shows the appearance of a running horse and is suitable for racecourses, gardens, squares, schools and other spaces.

Item No: BOK1-473

Material: Bronze

Color: The Picture Color or Customized

Size: Life Size or Customized

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service 1: Customized Service

Service 2: Trade Assurance

Keyword 1:Horse Statues for Sale

Keyword 2:Famous Horse Statues

This life size bronze horse statue for sale shows us a running horse, and the energetic atmosphere of the horse is oncoming. Horse farm, manors, villa courtyards, gardens and other places are popular choices for customers to place them. No matter where it is placed, this bronze horse statue can easily grab people’s attention and become the focus of the entire environment.

life size bronze horse (4) life size bronze horse (3)

Quality that Resists Severe Cold and Heat


The quality of YouFine’s bronze horse statues is trustworthy and has been continuously tested and certified for 40 years. In winter, even if the surface of the life size bronze horse statue is covered with snow, the entire sculpture is still upright, giving people a different visual enjoyment.

life size bronze horse (2)

In summer, no matter how hot the weather is, the color of YouFine’s bronze horse statue will not fade easily. On the contrary, it looks more energetic under the sunlight.

life size bronze horse (5)

Realistic Clay Model Lays the Foundation for Casting


A realistic 1:1 clay model is an important basis for casting an exquisite bronze animal statue, because it is related to all the final details of the sculpture. YouFine has been specialized in casting bronze sculptures for 40 years, and the artists we cooperate with have an average of 20 years of casting experience. Therefore, they are very comfortable in making clay models of horses. Each artist has a deep understanding of the horse’s body structure and living habits, so the horse’s clay models produced are stunning.

life size bronze horse (7)

Traditional Lost Wax Method


The traditional lost wax method is a technique chosen by all bronze casting factories because it can perfectly restore the details of the sculpture and cast a high-quality and exquisite life size bronze horse statue for sale. YouFine has introduced many advanced technologies in the casting process to avoid the appearance of white spots or green spots on bronze sculptures.

life size bronze horse (1)

Personalized Color Customization Service


Patina coloring technique is one of the technologies YouFine is proud of, because the final color of the bronze sculpture is very beautiful and the tone is light but not easy to fall off. Over time, the color of the entire life size bronze horse sculpture will turn out natural. Most importantly, coloring artists can create different colors according to customer needs, something many other factories cannot do.

life size bronze horse (6)

Finally, we have produced an exquisite life size bronze horse statue for sale catalog for customers to choose from. You could contact YouFine at any time and professionals will answer all your questions.

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