Large White Wrought Iron Gazebo for Garden IOK-88

This white wrought iron gazebo has an attractive look and could be used as a greenhouse or for afternoon tea. Placing it in the back garden could bring a bright feeling to the whole family.

Item No: IOK-88

Size: Customized Size

Material: Iron

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Keyword 1: Large Iron Gazebo

Keyword 2: Wrought Iron Green House

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram,PayPal

This is a white wrought iron gazebo that is very refined and elegant from the outside. YouFine designed it in a transparent style, which is not only suitable for planting flowers and plants, but also suitable for drinking afternoon tea. With sunlight streaming in from all directions, drinking tea in such a beautiful iron gazebo would be a treat.


wrought iron gazebo (1)


Could Put Anything You Like

Iron gazebo is also known as the orangery, where people could drink afternoon tea or use it as a greenhouse to grow flowers and plants. It is a perfect piece of garden building whatever the purpose. You could place sofas, green plants, lamps, sculptures, small fountains, etc. and create a small world full of artistic atmosphere for your home.


wrought iron gazebo (2) 


Looks Like A Castle

You could choose the purpose of this white wrought iron gazebo. Whether you are using it for planting flowers or drinking afternoon tea, this iron gazebo has an attractive appearance from the outside. The entire white iron gazebo is like a castle, attracting people to go in and find out.

Gazebo uses 8mm transparent tempered glass as a whole, so people could directly see the beautiful scenery inside. YouFine provides customized services and could design iron gazebos of different sizes for you to meet all your needs.


wrought iron gazebo (3)

iron gazebo


Pursue the Ultimate Craftsmanship

YouFine’s artists put 100% seriousness in the production process and devote themselves to making the perfect iron gazebo. Whether it is the pattern on the top of the gazebo or welding the various parts together, the masters have put in their best efforts through their professional skills.  With 40 years of experience, YouFine has continuously improved our technological process to provide customers with outdoor iron gazebos that are not easily rusted, not easily deformed and beautiful.



If you want to make your garden more unique and beautiful, then this white wrought iron gazebo would be a good choice. If you are interested, please feel free to contact YouFine.

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