Large Bronze Tiger Statue Antique Design for School Manufacturer BOKK-392

Item No: BOKK-392
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Bronze Tiger Statue Introduction
This bronze tiger sculpture is full of majesty and momentum. I believe you would be surprised by its details if you could appreciate it up close. The tiger is a dangerous and powerful animal, so the portrayal of wildness is especially important for a bronze sculpture. And this sculpture perfectly shows the tiger’s strong body and graceful shape. What’s more, the tiger’s prey posture is also very vivid. If you put this sculpture on your doorstep, you would be very proud.
bronze tiger statue -Factory Supplier

Why Are Tiger Sculptures More And More Popular?

According to the rough statistics of the YouFine factory, more and more customers have customized bronze tiger sculptures as outdoor decorations in YouFine in recent years. People’s worship of tigers has existed since ancient times. Bronze tigers are widely used. It not only has the meaning of auspiciousness but also has the feng shui function of guarding the house, which is of great help to the operation of feng shui. The mighty bronze tiger sculpture could also better show the master’s domineering. The bronze tiger sculptures we cast have a passionate attitude and a powerful momentum, which are very suitable as decorations.
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How To Cast An Exquisite Bronze Tiger Sculpture?

If you are buying bronze animal sculptures for the first time, then we would guide you through the process of bronze casting. Among them, we must know that the foundation of bronze sculpture is the shaping of mud film. This is also one of the crafts that YouFine is best at. The most important reason why more and more customers choose YouFine is that our clay mask masters are proficient in shaping various bronze sculpture clay masks.
In addition, the casting process of bronze is very complex, and only an experienced supplier could complete a perfect bronze sculpture. YouFine has nearly 40 years of copper casting experience, and professional QC members strictly control every step. Therefore, high-quality bronze tiger sculptures could be cast. Please believe that every bronze sculpture by YouFine would not let you down.
antique bronze tiger statue -Factory Supplier

More Options for Bronze Tiger Statues

Do you like this bronze tiger sculpture? We are a professional bronze sculpture supplier and could provide you with the most comprehensive types of sculptures as a reference. If you want to know more pictures and styles of bronze tiger sculptures, we could provide you with rich choices.
YouFine has antique bronze tiger sculptures, abstract bronze tiger sculptures, life-size bronze tiger sculptures, large tiger sculptures, etc. The tiger’s posture and the sculpture’s material are also diverse.
I believe there is always a bronze sculpture that could satisfy your imagination.
Bronze animal statue -Factory Supplier
Maybe you want to know more details about this tiger sculpture. Use the contact information below to find us for consultation. YouFine never disappoints a client who loves art.
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