Large Abstract Bronze Frog Friends Sculpture for Garden BOK1-011

Item No: BOK1-011
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Bronze Frog Statue

This large abstract bronze frog friends sculpture is in stock at the YouFine factory. Its shape is a cute style compared to a real frog. More than that, its movements are created exactly after the human form. First, we see that it is a frog couple sculpture, and they are sitting on a bench casually. The frog is like a human being, resting its long leg leisurely on the other. In addition, the two frog couples have an umbrella over their heads, also made from bronze material. Many clients love this abstract bronze frog sculpture.
large frog sculpture -Factory Supplier

More Options for Bronze Frog Statues

YouFine is celebrating its 40th anniversary, so we are selling many beautiful in-stock pieces at a discount. This bronze frog statue is one of YouFine’s top sellers, but there are also many different frog statues to choose from, including abstract frog statues, life-size frog statues, vintage bronze frog statues, and frog couples statues. Moreover, you could customize the bronze frog sculptures in different sizes, colors, and shapes according to your needs. Any shape you want, YouFine could make it for you.
large frog sculpture -Factory Supplier

Top Clay Model Artists

Customers around the world widely recognize YouFine’s outdoor bronze sculptures. Our bronze frog sculptures are so vivid that YouFine could cast them perfectly, whether they are life-size or abstract. Most importantly, YouFine has some of the top clay artists in the factory. These artists are trained by the top clay masters in China, each with at least 30 years of study and training. Growing from apprentices to independent master sculptors, they have gained ample experience and skills. This is why YouFine’s bronze sculptures are so stunning.
large frog sculpture -Factory Supplier

Professional Patina Artists

YouFine is a responsible supplier of bronze sculptures. We pay attention to every process of casting sculptures and are committed to providing our customers with the perfect sculptural artwork. YouFine’s artists specialize in various patina methods, the most classic being chemical patina. Our artists could mix the exact color our clients want based on their experience. And some special colors are only possible with YouFine.
patina technique-Factory Supplier
Trust YouFine as a sincere partner. Choosing YouFine is choosing a guarantee. We are committed to bringing beautiful sculptural artwork into millions of homes.
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