Green Natural Marble Stone Bathtub for Sale

Marble stone bathtub is the embodiment of quality of life. YouFine will use pure natural marble to provide you with the ultimate enjoyment.

Model Number: MAR-001

Product Category: Marble Carving

Type: Marble Basin/bathtub

Material: Natural Marble

Size: L80″or customized

Every ideal bathroom needs a marble stone bathtub. After a busy day, come home, soak yourself in a comfortable marble bathtub, and enjoy a comfortable and romantic life with the flickering candlelight or melodious music. This may be an idea that everyone has. YouFine can satisfy your pursuit of life.


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This is a unique marle bathtub. We carved it from pure natural green marble. After careful polishing, the surface of the bathtub shows a charming green color, which makes people place themselves in nature. This is not just a bath, but also an enjoyment of life. You can choose to place it in the middle of the bathroom or against the wall, but no matter where it is placed, it will be the absolute protagonist of the bathroom.


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Natural Marble Material

YouFine uses pure natural A-grade marble as its raw material, which has hundreds of thousands of years of history. After careful carving and polishing by professional artists, it is designed into an egg-shaped appearance, which is ergonomic and can protect the body. Marble is a gift from nature, and the marble stone bathtub made of it has long-lasting quality and can bring you permanent enjoyment.


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Customized Service

YouFine can exclusively customize your marble stone bathtub for you. You can freely choose the color of the marble, the size of the bathtub and the detailed design. The professional team can make the perfect marble plan for you and turn it into reality.


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Safety and Strong Packaging

Each marble stone bathtub will be carefully packaged. We use double layers of shockproof sponge to wrap the entire bathtub, and then pack it into a 3 cm thick wooden crate to maximize the safety of the marble bathtub during transportation. In addition, we will purchase comprehensive insurance for each customer.


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Lots of Stock in Factory

YouFine’s factory has a large number of marble stone bathtub in stock. Orders can be placed at any time and shipped at any time. And there are multiple styles and colors to choose from. You can contact us at any time and professionals will provide you with detailed information.


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In addition, in addition to marble bathtubs, we also have marble basins. If you want to improve your quality of life, this bathtub will be an unbeatable choice, please feel free to contact us!


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