Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue

Item No: YFSS-10
Size: Customized Size
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Keyword 1: Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Rider Statue
Keyword 2: Stainless Steel Bicycle Rider Sculpture
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Metal sculpture products are resistant to corrosion, high temperature, oxidation, deformation, high ornamental and long storage time. Our Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue is particularly eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and stable. Give people a positive feeling. Many gardens or roads have chosen to use our stainless steel sculptures on both sides.

Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue


Withstand 10 Winds

The surface of the object is covered with stainless steel. We use the steel shelf as the inner support of the overall figure to ensure the stability of the whole artwork. In our test, it could withstand 10 winds.


Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue

Three Main Settings

The appearance of the  Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue  is processed through a series of processes, from the beginning to the end. From the perspective of the production process, it can be divided into three main settings. First, we will expand the 2D original image into 3D, so that the workers have enough knowledge to shape the vivid image, and then the image is given to our sculptor.
We have entered the most important courses: this stage includes the inner support frame structure and external shape, and finally the improvement of the sculpture surface by processing welding clues, polishing the surface, plating the skin, painting the surface, etc., all of which are effective. At the request of the customer.
Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue
In order to meet the different needs and space constraints of different environments, we also offer different sizes of services – any size service according to your needs.
Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue

Experienced Technicians

Note: This picture is for your reference only, please have a general understanding of our products. We warmly welcome you to make sculptures based on some of the pictures in the picture. If you have any questions and want to implement your ideas, we also have the most experienced technicians waiting for you.
Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue

Customize Any Size

We have a stainless steel foundry that covers more than 3,500 square meters and uses the most advanced casting technology to cast every piece of Garden Stainless Steel Bicycle Riders Statue. We could create a work based on 100% reduction of your design and ideas. We could also customize any size design to suit your needs.





Garden stainless steel bicycle riders statue

Item NO



  H: 16ft or customized size


306/314 Stainless Steel


Cutting, Welding and Polishing


Inner with air bubble film and blanket, outer with steel stents


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