Garden Sitting Bronze Mermaid Water Fountain for Sale

This bronze mermaid water fountain has a pleasing appearance and can become the focal point of your garden. YouFine is individually cast using the traditional lost wax method, providing timeless beauty.

Item No: BOK1- 592

Material: high-quality bronze material

Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

The characteristic of the bronze mermaid water fountain is that it is half fish and half girl. A large number of exquisite details make this bronze mermaid perfectly suitable for swimming pools, gardens, ponds, seaside and other environments. By installing a water pump, the entire sculpture can bring a smooth and pleasant sound of water to your garden.

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Rich Experience in Making Mermaid Clay Models


The bronze mermaid is YouFine’s best-selling swimming pool decorative sculpture. We have provided different styles of bronze mermaid water fountains to customers all over the world. Each mermaid clay model is hand-carved by professional artists. The mermaid’s tail is lifelike, and the details are adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

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Minimum 33-step Casting Process


This bronze mermaid water fountain is cast using the traditional lost wax process, highlighting her attractive face and delicately arched tail, offering customers timeless beauty. Each artist at YouFine has at least 20 years of casting experience, and each part of the mermaid is accurately played, making the entire bronze mermaid statue the focus of the customer’s home environment.

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Patina Provides Beautiful Long-lasting Color


Patina is a coloring technique that provides color that is light in tone but does not fall off easily. Over time, the color of a bronze sculpture will become more and more natural. Artists can also provide color customization services, creating a variety of unique colors according to customer needs. There are even many colors that cannot be achieved by other factories.

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Personalized Customization Perfectly Matches Your Swimming Pool


Bronze mermaid statue for sale accepts personalized customization services, including the size, color, action design, body proportions, etc. of the mermaid statue. YouFine supports customers to develop their own personality and encourages the collision of arts.

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More Beautiful Bronze Mermaid Statues


YouFine has produced a product catalog of exquisite bronze mermaids. Contact us and our professionals will provide you with more exquisite catalogs and detailed information such as prices.

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