The Famous Bronze Statue Replica World is Your Bronze Sculpture for Sale BOKK-438

Item No: BOK-438
Size: Customized Size
Material: Bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Keyword 1: Famous Bronze Statue Replica
Keyword 2: World is Your Bronze Sculpture
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, PayPal


The world is his. At least he thinks so. This is the replica of the famous Tony Montana “The World is Yours”, which is also an iconic film “Scar Shen”.
World is Your Bronze Sculpture
In the most iconic final scene in the history of the film in the 1980s, three women held a globe with the words “The world is yours.”
World is Your Bronze Sculpture

Professional Copper Sculpture Factory

We have a professional copper sculpture factory, and each bronze sculpture master has many years of experience. Our specialty is to make bronze statues. And we have a variety of famous sculptures, all of which are reproduced in high quality standards.
World is Your Bronze Sculpture

Customized Service

We could customize the size to your needs, whether the outdoor large size World is Your Bronze Sculpture or the decorative sculpture at home, we could all meet. You are welcome to communicate with us the size you want.
World is Your Bronze Sculpture

Professional Casting Process

In order to make the bronze statue more vivid and realistic, our artists must first make a 1:1 clay sculpture. Second, the sculptor made a wax pattern from the clay sculpture. Third, our bronze masters cast bronze based on existing wax patterns. Next, do surface treatment and color. Finally, we will complete the  World is Your Bronze Sculpture image is sent to the customer for final inspection.
World is Your Bronze Sculpture
Nowadays more and more people want to have a higher quality of life. The bronze carving process has also played an important role in people’s lives. It has become a guide to the artistic behavior of copper engraving.
World is Your Bronze Sculpture
If you are interested in  World is Your Bronze Sculpture, whether you want to put it on the table or in the garden, please let us know our professional custom size and details. Anything could be customized according to your actual situation. Feel free to leave a message or send us an email for more information.
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