10 Best Floating Sphere Fountain to Give Your Garden a New Look

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Floating sphere fountain, also known as Feng Shui Ball, is one of the most popular types of marble fountains. They are both ornamental and room humidifiers. After the electricity is turned on, the water flows like a stream, pushing the ball to rotate. The whole picture combines movement and stillness, making it beautiful and pleasant.

When the ball above rotates, it can bring wealth. The Feng Shui ball not only decorates the home, but also blesses the owner’s happiness and career success. It expresses people’s yearning for a better life. Therefore, many people choose to place a floating sphere fountain at home or in their store.

Next, I would like to recommend 10 popular floating sphere fountains to you and explain some placement precautions.

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10 Best Floating Sphere Fountain


1.The lotus base makes the whole water fountain more elegant and attractive, and suitable be placed indoors and outdoors.

Floating Sphere Fountain (6)
Source: Marble Fountain Stone Rolling Ball Fountain

2.Black marble is very unique, and its natural veins brings stunning visual effects. It can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Floating Sphere Fountain (4)
Source: Hand-Carved Marble Rolling Ball Fountain

3.Granite is also a good choice for floating sphere fountains. The natural color of this fountain is very elegant and suitable for courtyard decoration.

Floating Sphere Fountain (11)

4.This is a classic design, with a high marble tray below the water spinner, suitable for outdoor use.

Floating Sphere Fountain (3)

5.A classic outdoor water ball fountain with classic color and classic design, suitable for many styles of home gardens.

Floating Sphere Fountain (10)

6.As you can see from the picture, this water rotating ball fountain has been integrated with the outdoor environment and is suitable as a villa decoration.

Floating Sphere Fountain (14)

7.The double-layered Feng Shui ball marble fountain is suitable for spacious outdoor venues: gardens, squares, entrances, etc.

Floating Sphere Fountain (1)
Source: Outdoor Marble Rolling Ball Fountain

8.This is a water ball fountain placed in the flower bed next to the gate. When the water flow is turned on, it can bring people visual and auditory enjoyment.

Floating Sphere Fountain (13)

9.The blue water spinning ball echoes the water theme and is very beautiful. It is sure to attract many people passing by when outdoors.

Floating Sphere Fountain (9)

10.Although the Feng Shui ball of this water rotating ball fountain is not large, it is very harmonious as a whole and is suitable for outdoor decoration.

Floating Sphere Fountain (7)


How Floating Sphere Fountains Work


After the base of the marble ball is filled with water, the water is pumped upward and sprayed upward to push the ball above, causing the ball to rotate for a long time, symbolizing rolling wealth.

Water surges upward with a certain pressure and speed. There is a ball socket under the ball. Due to the enlarged contact surface, the water bladder in the ball socket can increase the water impulse of the water pump many times, so that the water pump has a large enough force. The force of the Feng Shui ball pushes up the ball, and there is no friction between the ball and the tray.

Floating Sphere Fountain (2)

The water gushes out from the bottom in a large area, and the buoyancy of the ball has a large contact surface, so it seems that the water is not in a hurry but can make the ball rotate, because the buoyancy of the water is fully stressed on the surface of the ball. The friction between water and the ball is small, and the water is equivalent to lubricating oil, so the resistance to the rotation of the ball is basically the vertical gravity of the ball. A small force in the horizontal direction can make the ball rotate.

The force in the horizontal direction comes from the slight tilt of the ball support, so the force on both sides of the Feng Shui ball surface becomes uneven, and water also emerges from the high side of the ball plate. At this time, the Feng Shui ball starts to rotate, and the wind and water rise. Extra cash. This is the reverie brought to us by Feng Shui fountain.

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Placement of the Floating Sphere Fountains


The placement of floating sphere fountains is also critical. The placement of large-scale Feng Shui ball fountains is less demanding. They are mainly installed in the entrance halls of hotels, office buildings, and conference venues and villas. They are arranged on both sides to add momentum and symbolize wealth.

For Feng Shui balls placed indoors, you should pay attention to:

1.It should be placed in a relatively partial position in the home, which has the function of warding off evil spirits and attracting wealth;

2.You can place the fountain on the left side of the front door. The purpose of this placement is to encourage fidelity in relationships.

3.The southwest direction of the compass is the prime location for Feng Shui waterscapes, because this direction will bring great abundance and wealth.

4.The north is related to career and life path, and belongs to the water element, so it is an ideal location for fountains.

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Advantages of YouFines Floating Sphere Fountains


1.Of course, the most important thing about a floating sphere fountain is that it can keep rotating. One of the inspection tasks that YouFine will definitely carry out before shipping it to customers is the test rotation of the fountain. It will be shipped after a trial period and if there are no quality problems.

A customer previously contacted YouFine and said that he had purchased a very poor floating sphere fountain that could not rotate properly. He hoped that YouFine could provide him with a high-quality Feng Shui ball fountain. This is really a costly and time-consuming experience, so I hope everyone can choose an experienced factory and have a pleasant shopping experience.

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2.All YouFine fountains are carved from high-quality natural marble, and each artist has a reliable professional foundation and rich experience. Most importantly, as a direct selling factory, we are able to offer you unexpected preferential prices.

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