White Marble Elephant Statue for Outdoor

The elephant statue is hand-carved from pure natural marble. It is suitable for various door entrances and represents auspiciousness.
Model Number: MOKK-954

Material: Natural Marble  

Type: Marble elephant statue

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

People usually place a pair of marble elephant statues at the entrance of their homes, which represents auspiciousness and can bring good luck to themselves and their families. YouFine provides customers around the world with different styles of marble elephant statues, which are hand-carved by experienced artists and have a realistic appearance and long-lasting quality.


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Various Natural Marbles to Choose From

All YouFine marble elephant statue are hand-carved from pure natural grade-A marble. We retain the natural color of the marble, so each statue is unique. Professionals will provide you with the right marble material based on your specific needs. Natural marble has properties suitable for carving exquisite lines, and can carve the lifelike hair of a animal.


marble material


Pay Attention to Details

YouFine has artists who are specialized in carving marble animals. They have a deep understanding of the elephant’s body structure and living habits, so the carved lions are very natural and lifelike. Every detail of the marble lion can withstand careful observation. The artist has great enthusiasm for carving and invests his passion in the carving process.


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Large Quantities of Stock in the Factory

We have a large number of marble elephant statue in stock in our factory, with different sizes, colors and designs, you can choose and have them shipped at any time. Each ready-made piece is carefully carved by artists with exquisite detail and lasting quality, and they are waiting for their owner to take them home.


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Marble elephant statue is an excellent decorative choice for the garden, we have produced a beautiful product catalog, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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