Outdoor Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture for Sale CSS-QM

Item No: CSS-QM
Size: Customized Size
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Package: Customize Acceptable
Keyword 1: Stainless Steel Balloon monkey Sculpture
Keyword 2: Balloon Monkey Sculpture
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The Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture is a balloon that is twisted into a monkey shape. This balloon monkey sculpture is made of mirror-polished stainless steel with a transparent colored finish and is available in five unique versions: blue, magenta, orange, red and yellow.
Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture

Novel Idea

The close relationship between humans and primates captures artists who have a special charm. Monkeys have always been a fable for the pursuit of happiness, and innocence.  Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture explore these themes.
Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture

Allowing The Viewer to Achieve The State of Transcendence

The  Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture fuses these typical contradictory concepts by restoring the subject to its most basic form, thus purifying the feeling of other conflicts and allowing the viewer to achieve the state of transcendence through self-acceptance.
Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture

Weightless Lightness

The specular nature of the stainless steel material weakens the volume and contour of the sculpture due to the mapping of the surrounding environment. Therefore, when sculptors use mirror stainless steel materials for their creations, they mostly focus on abstract shapes. When the light is projected on the mirror stainless steel, it will not produce obvious dark, gray and bright light and shadow effects, so that the work produces a weightless lightness. When the surrounding environment is projected on a distorted mirror sculpture, it also produces a distorted object scene, which in turn reinforces the abstract meaning of the sculpture.
Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture
We could customize this  Stainless Steel Balloon Monkey Sculpture, you could choose both size and color. And whether it is placed in the outdoor garden or indoors, it is especially good looking. If you also want to order a stainless steel sculpture, please leave a message or send an email.
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