Realistic Garden Bronze Metal Pear Sculpture for Sale

The metal pear sculpture is made of high-quality bronze casting, has a realistic appearance, is suitable for outdoor garden decoration, and brings an artistic atmosphere to the space.

Item No: BOK1-571

Material: high-quality bronze material

Type: Bronze garden sculpture

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Metal pear sculpture is an ingeniously conceived outdoor sculpture. YouFine will use high-quality bronze raw materials and cast it for you through the traditional lost wax method. We can design it with a realistic appearance or a cute cartoon image. No matter which design is used, it is an excellent decoration choice for outdoor spaces.


metal pear sculpture (7) metal pear sculpture (4)


High-quality Bronze Material

Cast from high quality bronze material, this metal pear sculpture has lasting quality and will stand the test of time. YouFine has a professional bronze factory, masters advanced casting technique and professional equipment and cooperates with artists with an average of 20 years of casting experience. We have strict standards for the quality of bronze garden statues for sale, and are committed to providing customers with long-lasting beauty for their spaces.


metal pear sculpture (1)

metal pear sculpture (2)


Considerate Customized Service

Our professional team of designers will provide each customer with considerate customized services and turn the customer’s vision for the bronze garden statue into reality through professional computer equipment. YouFine encourages creativity, individuality and uniqueness, so you are free to use your imagination, and the team at YouFine turns your wishes into reality.


metal pear sculpture (3)


Patina Coloring Technique

YouFine provides color customization services for metal pear sculptures. Professional coloring artists can configure various unique colors according to the different needs of customers, which is something that many factories cannot do. Most importantly, the color tone of the bronze sculptures colored by the patina technique is light but not easy to fall off, long-lasting and natural.


metal pear sculpture (5) metal pear sculpture (6)


Adding a unique metal pear sculpture to your outdoor space is a smart investment that demonstrates your beautiful outdoors and your enjoyment of life. YouFine can help you realize this great investment. Please feel free to contact us and professionals will provide you with a more exquisite product catalog.

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