Outdoor Standing Stainless Steel Disappearing Sculpture

Disappearing sculpture is a popular form of modern stainless steel sculpture. If you move the perspective, the sculpture will disappear from people’s sight. YouFine has a professional stainless steel forging factory, providing high-quality modern sculptures to the world.

Item No: CSS-586

Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel

Surface: Mirror Polished

Service 1: Trade Assurance

Service 2: Customized Service

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service 3: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

This stunning stainless steel disappearing sculpture is composed of several parallel metal sheets with gaps between them, through which we can see the scenery behind the sculpture. Looking through the direction of the metal sheet, we can only see about 10% of the metal sculpture itself, but the rest of the visible area is open. This modern stainless steel sculpture is suitable for decoration in a variety of places, including gardens, courtyards, squares, cafes, manors, hotels, and more.

metal disappearing sculpture (1)

Novel Metal Sculptural Style


By moving the viewing angle, we can see different appearances of the disappearing sculpture until the sculpture “disappears” from our sight. In addition, the stainless steel sculpture adopts polishing technology as a whole, which can reflect the color of the surrounding environment. Become one with the surrounding atmosphere.

metal disappearing sculpture (2) metal disappearing sculpture (3)

Customized Service


The professional designer team will provide each customer with customized stainless steel disappearing sculpture services. You only need to tell the artist your needs, and they will provide you with different sizes, different colors and different styles of modern sculptures drawings through professional computer equipment. The designer team will meet your every need to the greatest extent and is committed to realizing a beautiful sculpture vision for every modern sculpture enthusiast.

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YouFine stainless steel Factory

Installation Guidance


For large outdoor stainless steel sculptures, YouFine has rich installation experience and provides every customer with professional installation guidance and installation drawings. For this stainless steel disappearing sculpture, YouFine will provide you with the parts needed for installation. You only need to fix it. If done correctly, the sculpture will be very strong and will not collapse even if it is tilted.

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Safety Transportation


YouFine provides three transportation methods: sea transportation, air transportation and land transportation. Professionals will recommend the appropriate transportation method according to your different needs and actual conditions. YouFine maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with international transportation companies and purchases full insurance for customers to protect their rights and interests.

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If you are interested in this disappearing sculpture, please feel free to contact YouFine. We are committed to formulating a perfect modern stainless steel sculpture vision for every customer.

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