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The white marble bathtub retains the natural veining of marble and has a timeless classic beauty. You’ll enjoy the ultimate enjoy in luxury when you take it home.

Model Number: MOK1-193

Product Category: Marble Carving

Type: Marble Basin/bathtub

Material: Natural Marble

Size: L80″or customized

Made from beautiful marble granite, this freestanding white marble bathtub is the most classic and timeless stone bathtub design. This marble bathtub leaves little room for improvement, as it has gentle egg-shaped curves. The artist retained the natural veining of the marble, so the surface of the bathtub has obvious natural color veins crisscrossing it. Its time-tested style has been favored by most customers.

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Suitable for Various Decoration Styles


A classic white marble bathtub never seems to go out of style, as it fits perfectly into a variety of decorating styles and blends in nicely with your bathroom. White is an unobtrusive and appropriate presence in any environment, so you can be assured of practical results.

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Ergonomic Design Provides Luxurious Comfort


The white marble bathtub for sale provided by YouFine to customers is ergonomic, so people can feel comfortable when lying in it, and can relieve their fatigue easily. The cool polished surface of the granite stone provides a wonderful balance of hot water for your luxury bathtub. It’s the ultimate in luxury, with cool, smooth marble touching soft skin and surrounded by warm water.

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Customization service can meet all your needs for marble bathtubs. Color and size are the most basic customization services. Secondly, the internal structure of the bathtub can be customized according to the preferences of different customers. If you like to have somewhere to rest your arms while you soak in the bath, the artist can carve out a convenient edge for you that runs along the edge to provide some room for toiletries and more room for your arms.

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Large Quantities of Stock Ready for Delivery


If you can’t wait to receive your favorite marble bathtub, YouFine’s factory has a large number of ready-made products for you to choose from and can be shipped at any time. Various colors and styles, just waiting for your choice.

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If you are looking for the right bathtub for your bathroom, this white marble bathtub will be a good choice, YouFine is always waiting to contact you.


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