Outdoor Decorative Large Metal Gazebo for Sale

The large metal gazebo has both aesthetic and practical properties and is suitable for sunbathing, afternoon tea, spa, greenhouse, etc. YouFine has been specialized in casting iron gazebo for 40 years and has sufficient capabilities and experience.

Item No: IOK-89

Size: Customized Size

Material: Iron

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Keyword 1: Large Iron Pavilion

Keyword 2: Outdoor Iron Pavilion Decorative

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YouFine’s large metal gazebo is made of materials of this quality that are not prone to rust. It is easy to assemble and is both aesthetic and practical. The color, size (length, width and height) of wrought iron gazebo, the number of doors and windows, the choice of glass, etc. are all customized according to the actual needs of the customer.

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YouFine provides tempered glass with different levels of shading, so this iron gazebo for sale is suitable for sunbathing, afternoon tea, spa and as a greenhouse for growing flowers, etc.

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Both Aesthetic and Practical


From the outside, this large metal gazebo has an exquisite appearance. YouFine would design beautiful hollow iron carvings for each gazebo, which are scattered on the top of the gazebo, door eaves, window edges, etc. Each metal gazebo has drainage pipes from top to bottom at the four outer corners to prevent water from accumulating on the top during rain or snow.

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Entering the interior of metal gazebo, you could decide the layout yourself and decorate it according to the purpose. It would be a comfortable space inside. Small fountains, green plants, sofas, massage chairs, chandeliers and other decorative furniture could be perfectly integrated.

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Professional Manufacturing Process


YouFine has been specializing in providing high-quality large metal gazebos for 40 years, and is committed to providing customers around the world with beautiful, affordable, and durable iron gazebos that are not easy to rust. Over the past 40 years, YouFine has continuously improved factory’s technique and used hot-dip galvanizing to give metal gazebo a long service life.

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Feedback from YouFines Client

This beautiful green large metal gazebo was customized by YouFine according to the size of the customer’s site and usage requirements. The customer successfully assembled the entire gazebo according to YouFine’s installation instructions and was very satisfied with the quality of this wrought iron gazebo.

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More Choices of Green Wrought Iron Gazebo


YouFine has a lot of experience in manufacturing wrought iron gazebo. If you are interested, please feel free to contact YouFine and the professionals would provide you with all the information you want to know.

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