Meaningful Melancholy Figure sculpture Created by Albert Gyorgy BOK1-220

This bronze Melancholy sculpture depicts a sad figure. When seeing this grief sculpture, people could not help but be infected by his emotions inside. As a factory with 40 years of experience, YouFine could provide you with high quality and low price bronze sculptures.
Item No: BOK1-220
Material: high-quality bronze material  
Type: Bronze Artist Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case
This bronze Melancholy sculpture depicts a sad figure. His body is bent downward with a huge hole in the middle.
When seeing this grief sculpture, people could not help but be infected by his emotions inside. More and more people are recognizing this bronze sculpture. Because the melancholy and sadness expressed by this Albert Gyorgy sculpture make many people empathize with it.
Melancholy sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

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Different people have different interpretations of Melancholy sculpture. When you are lonely, painful, and sad, if you look at yourself, you could find light and happiness. Just like this grief sculpture, from the blankness, we actually see the vast view and light outside.
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Albert Gyorgy sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

What is Melancholy Sculpture?


The artist Albert Gyorgy was deeply saddened by the loss of a loved one, and he created this bronze Melancholy sculpture to express his feelings. The blank space in the middle of this sculpture may express the emptiness and loneliness that many people feel inside. Even though the cause of sadness differs for each person, the great confusion and emptiness brought by sadness are the same.
This Melancholy sculpture confronts this sad and silent emotion, which may bring people some comfort and recognition.
Albert Gyorgy sculpture -YouFine Sculpture
grief sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

Professional Bronze Sculpture Production Capability:


YouFine has reproduced this Albert Gyorgy sculpture for many clients, and it has been well received by them. YouFine, as a top sculpture supplier in China, has been very professional in reproducing bronze artists sculptures.
For the famous Albert Gyorgy sculpture, YouFine made a 1:1 clay model. Most importantly, YouFine has been using hand-made clay models as the base, aiming to restore the details and essence of the original work deeply.
1:1clay model-YouFine Sculpture
casting process

Feedback from YouFine’s Client

Do you like this bronze Melancholy sculpture? The available sculpture clay models are free to use, feel free to contact YouFine for a quote and consultation for your favorite bronze sculpture.
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