Hand Carved Marble Fireplace Mantel with Lion Statues MOK1-213

This hand carved marble fireplace features two seated lions and is a luxurious interior decoration. YouFine has provided high-quality marble fireplaces to all over the world for 40 years, you could trust our professional level and product quality.

Item No.: MOK1-213

Material: Natural White Marble  

Type: Marble Fireplace Statue

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

The hand carved marble fireplace is an interior decoration with a sense of design. The artist carved two lions sitting on both sides of the fireplace. They raised their noble heads and looked very majestic. The exquisite relief design makes this marble fireplace look very luxurious and could add an artistic atmosphere to the interior.

marble lion statue fireplace (2)

Improve Life Happiness


Marble fireplaces are usually placed in the living room. As the center of family activities, people could not only bring warmth to the home, but also shorten the distance between people.

As a marble sculpture that could improve people’s happiness index, YouFine’s customers have high demand for fireplaces, and YouFine has enough experience and ability to provide customers with high-quality marble fireplaces.

marble lion statue fireplace (3)

High-quality Marble Material


In order to provide customers with high-quality and durable hand carved marble fireplaces, YouFine selects high-quality natural Grade-A marble, so if taken care of properly, YouFine’s marble fireplaces could be used for a long time.

Of course, as a direct sales factory with 40 years of experience, YouFine has sufficient marble resources, so professionals could recommend you the appropriate marble as well as color according to your needs.

hand carved marble fireplace

Stunning Carving Details


YouFine’s artists have superb carving skills, and they are very good at carving various lines, so we could see that the lions at both ends of the fireplace have a realistic appearance and thick sideburns. Each hair of the lions is carefully carved by the artist, giving them a soul.

marble lion statue fireplace (4)

Accept Customized Service


If you have your own ideas for a hand carved marble fireplace, artists could accommodate you. They could change the design of the fireplace according to your needs and provide renderings. Of course, the size and color of the fireplace could be changed.

marble lion statue fireplace (1)

Marble Fireplace Spot Showroom


YouFine has a spot showroom of marble fireplaces, and we always welcome customers from all over the world to visit.

more fireplace

Want to realize more details about hand carved marble fireplaces? Then contact YouFine, we are always waiting to serve you.


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