Hand Carved Marble Fireplace with Children Statues

This hand carved marble fireplace will add an artistic atmosphere to your living room, and is carved entirely from high-quality marble.

Item No: MOK1-195

Material: Natural White Marble  

Type: Marble Fireplace

Advantage: Factory Direct

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Package: Strong Wooden Case

This is a luxurious hand carved marble fireplace. The pillars on both sides are carved with two cute children carrying a large bouquet of flowers on their shoulders. YouFine’s experienced artists carved the childish looks of children, including their swollen bellies, limbs and childish expressions. Every line on the marble fireplace reflects the artist’s extremely high level of carving, and the flower and vine reliefs all over it will also enhance the entire atmosphere.

marble fireplace mantel (2)

marble fireplace mantel (1) 

High Quality Marble Raw Materials


As a gift from nature, marble has excellent advantages in carving. The hand carved marble fireplace carved with it is not easy to deform, has high hardness and strong wear resistance. It won’t rust and doesn’t have to be oiled, requiring only simple maintenance to maintain long-lasting beauty. Therefore, YouFine’s marble fireplace for sale combines aesthetics with high quality and is extremely cost-effective.

marble material

Professional Carving Artist


Each YouFine hand carved marble fireplace is hand-carved by professional artists. Our artists have rich carving experience and have a detailed understanding of the structure and details of marble fireplaces. The carved details are amazing. They will take every detail of carving seriously, have strict requirements, and devote themselves to the carving process of marble fireplace mantel.

marble fireplace surround (14)

marble fireplace mantel (7)

Comprehensive Safety Packaging


Hand carved marble fireplace is a fragile product, so YouFine has strict requirements for the packaging of fireplaces. We will pack each part of the fireplace separately, wrap each part tightly with double layers of anti-shock sponge, and finally put it into reinforced wooden crates to maximize the protection of the marble fireplace from being bumped during transportation. In addition, we will purchase comprehensive insurance for our customers to protect their rights and interests.

Hand carved marble fireplace will be a warm presence in the interior of your home. If you have needs for a fireplace, please feel free to contact YouFine, we are always waiting to serve you.

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