Famous Stainless Steel Subodh Gupta Spill Sculpture Garden Decor CSS-768

The Stainless Steel Spill Sculpture is designed by Subodh Gupta and is a type of installation art. YouFine masters advanced stainless steel forging techniques and provides clients with high-quality metal sculpture for 40 years. 
Item No: CSS-768
Material: Stainless Steel#304ļ
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service 1: Customized Service
Service 2: Trade Assurance

Introducing The Spill Sculpture:

The Stainless Steel Spill Sculpture is designed by Subodh Gupta and is a type of installation art. It also just caters to the creative environmental protection trend that has been popular in recent years. This type of installation art could be seen in various art exhibitions. At the same time, it is the most distinctive feature of postmodern art. Also, it is the embodiment of people’s free expression of ideas, pursuit of creativity and practice.
Abstract spill sculpture-Factory Supplier
Stainless steel spill-Factory Supplier

YouFine’s Ability:

YouFine has professional stainless steel casting skills and artists. We would use high quality stainless steel raw materials to make this overflow stainless steel sculpture, such as #304 and #316 to restore some of its characteristics in form. Then, we also select experienced artists to cast some of the details and designs to make this stainless steel spilled statue perfectly.
Subodh Gupta spill sculpture-Factory Supplier

Decorative Value of Spill Sculpture:

Installation art is a challenge to traditional art. It freely uses all kinds of artistic means, showing that the artistic way of expressing ideas and ideas of human beings is boundless. It is this unbounded expression that allows this type of statue to be naturally integrated in various occasions. For example, you could put it in an empty outdoor park. Adults and children who play here would also be delighted to see beautiful things.
Stainless steel sculpture-Factory Supplier
Installation artworks such as stainless steel spill sculpture could have a certain connection with people and the environment in urban space, enriching people’s lives.
Installation art abstract statue-Factory Supplier
YouFine could provide customers with high-quality stainless steel sculptures and perfect consulting after-sales service. We could design and produce all kinds of abstract stainless steel sculpture artworks. Make the creation to create an art palace for you.
Feel free to contact us to purchase this Subodh Gupta spill sculpture artwork. We are always at your service.
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