What is the White Stuff on My Bronze Statue?

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If the bronze statue you purchased has white spots or green spots on it, then unfortunately you are dealing with a bad factory. Because he may not have had enough experience or skill to cast a perfect bronze statue, or worse yet – to save money and use cheaper materials.

“White stuff” is an almost irreversible phenomenon, so you’re wasting both money and time. Don’t be discouraged, whether you’ve had a bad deal or are about to buy a bronze statue, read this article and I’ll guide you to avoid that from happening.

bronze sculpture (1)
Source: Famous Lynn Chadwick Bronze Female Sculpture

What is the White Stuff  ?


Bronze disease is an irreversible and almost inevitable corrosion process that occurs when chlorides come into contact with bronze or other copper-containing alloys. It can be a dark green coating or a lighter, whitish, fuzzy green coating. This is not a bacterial infection but the result of a chemical reaction with chloride. Just like this:

bronze sculpture (2)

How do White Spots and Green Spots Occur?


Initially, it was thought to be caused by bacteria. It is contagious because symptoms may spread when the disease-causing chloride comes into contact with other copper-containing objects. Despite its name, bronze disease can affect any copper-containing alloy, not just bronze. Bronze disease can range from bright green to light green. The series of reactions that trigger it usually result in the appearance of all colors in that range, sometimes even small, possibly microscopic, blue crystals.

Since we are not professional chemists, I cannot explain the chemical reactions and list detailed chemical formulas for you in detail, but what is certain is that if the bronze sculpture provided by the merchant has white spots or green spots, Then you can block him.

bronze sculpture (3)
Source: Poseidon and King Neptune Statues

Why Do YouFine’s Bronze Sculptures Have No White Spots?


YouFine is a factory with 40 years of manufacturing experience. During these 40 years, we have also experienced continuous learning and improvement of technique. Almost every bronze casting factory will encounter white spots on bronze statues, but fortunately, YouFine has mastered a method to avoid this situation – silica sol technique.

In the process of making the sand shell, we added silica sol (an excellent nanomaterial, strong acid-resistant material), which is very different from traditional ammonia (ammonia is acidic, causing the bronze to change color after it rains) changes) to avoid white spots on the statue.

However, some traditional manufacturers, the ones you may be encountering, still use ammonia, and their statues will have white spots.

youfine factory

In short, whether you want to buy a bronze figure statue, a bronze animal statue, a bronze fountain, etc., you need to choose your supplier carefully.

YouFine welcomes you to consult at any time, and professionals will provide you with 1-to-1 service and more details.


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