The Meaning of Bronze Elephant Sculpture with Trunk up or down

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Do you wanna to add a bronze elephant sculpture to your home? Perhaps the various bronze elephants in different shapes confuse you, and you don’t know how to choose your favorite style. Don’t worry, after reading this article, it will help you choose the bronze elephant shape you are satisfied with. Of course, you can also contact YouFine directly, and professionals will give you the answers you want.

Meaning of Bronze Elephant Sculpture that Most People Agree on

Elephants live in groups, and the social group structure is dominated by female elephants and young elephants. It represents the unity and harmony of the family, unit, group and society. Therefore, people think that the bronze elephant sculpture is a symbol of wisdom, strength and unity.

At the same time, the elephant is also regarded as a mythical beast that attracts good luck and wealth. As we all know, elephants are good at absorbing water, and the ancients believed that water symbolizes wealth, so absorbing water is to bring wealth to people.

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Whatever the reason, people believe that having a bronze elephant sculpture in their home will bring good luck to themselves and their families. But among the different shapes of bronze elephant sculptures, the most important change is its trunk. So what are the functions and meanings of the different orientations of the trunk?

Meaning of Bronze Elephant Sculpture with Trunk Up

Most people believe that the nose of the bronze elephant sculpture is facing upwards to express friendship. In real life, the nose of a wild elephant means greeting and joy, so some people choose to place the elephant sculpture as a “welcome sculpture” at the entrance of their home.

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In addition, some people believe that the elephant’s nose can bring authority, good luck, money and goodwill. There is an old saying that an elephant’s nose is turned upside down, which means that the elephant is sucking the wealth from the sky for you. That said, an elephant with an upturned trunk is perfect for some folks doing aerial work.

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Meaning of Bronze Elephant Sculpture with Trunk Down

Bronze elephant sculptures with the nose down are often seen as weak and therefore frowned upon. Actually, this is a misunderstanding.

For people engaged in real estate, antiques, mining, jewelry and other industries, the elephant jewelry with the nose down is a symbol of auspiciousness, because all the wealth in this industry comes from the bottom, and the elephant’s nose has a good effect on absorbing this wealth, which is called Feng Shui effect.

Also, the elephant sculpture with its trunk down is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. It represents staying grounded at work and restoring strength and vitality at home. , it also saves energy and luck.

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YouFine’s Stunning Bronze Elephant Sculpture

1.The quality of bronze sculpture

YouFine has been committed to making high-quality bronze sculptures. YouFine will improve the hardness and fineness of the sculpture while maintaining the copper content.

2.Professional casting technique

YouFine has artists who specialize in casting bronze animals sculptures. They have learned carving since teenager, so they are very familiar with the body structure and living habits of elephants, and the bronze sculptures they make are also vivid.

3.Long lasting color

YouFine has professional coloring technique, the color is very durable and not easy to fall off. And as time goes by, the color of the bronze sculpture will become more and more natural.

Do You Want to Make a Sculpture?

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