Classification and Significance of Bronze Bull Sculpture

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We are no strangers to bronze bull sculptures. We have seen them many times. There are more famous Wall Street bulls and some famous scenic spots. Pioneer bulls could often be seen because this kind of animal is common in daily life, so we are the image of the bronze bull sculpture is not unfamiliar.


In addition to the role of decoration, bronze bull sculptures also have certain meanings. Different bronze bulls have different meanings, such as:


1. Wall Street Bull Bronze Sculpture



Wall Street Bull Bronze Sculpture


The Wall Street Bull is the symbol of Wall Street in the United States. The first foothold chosen by the designer Di Modica for it was the sidewalk in front of the New York Stock Exchange. At that time, to ensure the safety of Tongniu, the police patrolled around Tongniu every night at 8 o’clock. When people first saw this behemoth with a strong body and glowing nostrils, they were all shocked by the colossal spirit that radiated from it. Tongniu was finally moved to Broadway, which crossed Wall Street and settled down. The Wall Street copper bull is a symbol of “strength and courage”, which means that as long as the copper bull is there, the stock market will be able to maintain the bull market forever.


2. Bull and Bear Bronze Sculpture


Bull and Bear Bronze Sculpture


It is similar to the Wall Street bull sculpture. The author hopes to use this sculpture to symbolize that the bull market is always strong and the bear market cannot rise.


3. Shepherd Boy Cattle Bronze Sculpture


Shepherd Boy Cattle Bronze Sculpture


We could feel the natural relaxation of the shepherd boy from the attitude of the sculpture. It is dynamic and embodies a kind of idyllic poetry, giving people the feeling of being relaxed and happy, and can purify people’s hearts. We seem to have been infected and returned to the countryside, living a life like a shepherd boy.


4. Pioneer Bull Bronze Sculpture


Pioneer Bull Bronze Sculpture


We will see bronze pioneer cattle sculptures in the central square of the city or schools. Each sculpture is the same vigorously, adding a vivid artistic sense to cultural construction. Pioneer cattle also has a profound meaning: the unceasingly cultivating cattle spirit interprets the peasants’ spirit of self-improvement and pioneering spirit.


5. Thinking Bull Bronze Sculpture


Thinking Bull Bronze Sculpture


The thinking cow is a more interesting sculpture. This is an innovative sculpture, which is different from the cow sculptures we see in daily life. The cow is personified. Originally, cows would not sit on a stool and think, only humans would. Many times what we see is the same sculpture, but such a sculpture will give people a bright feeling.


6. Chinese Zodiac-Bronze Bull Head Sculpture


Chinese Zodiac-Bronze Bull Head Sculpture


Bronze bull is also one of the sculptures of the twelve zodiac signs. The bronze statue of the animal heads of the twelve zodiac signs in Yuanmingyuan was originally part of the fountain outside the Haiyan Hall of Yuanmingyuan.


Classification and Significance of Modern Bronze Bull Sculpture


Each bronze bull sculpture is a testament to an era, and we could remember what happened and the meaning when we see these sculptures.


Classification and Significance of Modern Bronze Bull Sculpture Factory


We focus on the processing and casting of various cow sculptures, and we are constantly improving and innovating on the basis of maintaining the original sculptures, and constantly following the development of the times to create new sculptures. If you want to order a high-quality bronze sculpture, please contact us immediately.



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