May 10, 2023

Hello, Tomorrow!

Hello, Tomorrow!   Hello, tomorrow Look at yesterday we go far Waiting in the center of the fate square  The blurred shoulders The more running the more insignificant A partner who once stood shoulder to shoulder After the blessing in the toast which are separated Just at that night I have hidden deeply in the …

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Sculptures Unloading in USA client’s house

The sculptures arrived our client’s house and they are uploading the sculptures by forklift. He is very happy and he told us his neighbors are looking at them as if we are crazy with these big truck and fork lift and all these crates coming out !!! Everybody is wondering what are doing ???

Our Packaging

 Our products packing is fully enclosed packaging with 3CM standard wooden crate with metal junction and nails. Thick soft foam, double strong rope fixed inside and outside of the packaging, to effectively prevent the goods from damage.  You Fine provide the best quality and the better After-sales service for you.

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