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We have professional designers and artists, we can customize any sculptures based on your designs or requirements. We're good at the traditional handicrafts, western sculptures and products with western ideas.

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bronze Jesus statue for garden (2)
Catholic Outdoor Bronze Jesus Statue for Sale
These are two outdoor bronze sculptures depicting two life-size bronze figures in robes. One of the figures...
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bronze statue of jesus (2)
Catholic Life Size Bronze Statue of Jesus for Sale
This awe-inspiring bronze statue of Jesus captures the essence of divine grace and compassion of Jesus...
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Outdoor Life-size Marble Virgin Mary Sculpture for School or Church on Sale CHS-090
The Marble Virgin Mary Sculpture is as big as the worshipped real person. Mary opened her arms to bless...
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white marble angel statue (2)
Kneeling White Marble Angel Statue for Garden
This exquisite kneeling white marble angel statue emanates a serene and divine presence. Carved with...
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large garden angel statues (2)
Marble Large Garden Angel Statues for Sale
These stunning marble large garden angel statues are true works of art, exquisitely carved with intricate...
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wing sculpture for sale (2)
Large Landscape Abstract Metal Outdoor Sculpture for Sale
Experience the graceful power of a bird’s wing in full flight with our breathtaking abstract metal...
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Dandelion sculpture (4)
Lighting Stainless Steel Wire Dandelion Sculpture for Sale
Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of our luminous stainless steel wire dandelion sculpture...
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stainless steel wing sculpture (1)
Modern Stainless Steel Wing Sculpture with Circle
This wing sculpture‘s two large abstract wing shapes are made of polished stainless steel with...
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white wing sculpture (2)
Modern White Large Metal Angel Wings Sculpture for Outdoor
This charming large metal angel wings features a beautiful wing shape that gracefully unfolds its intricate...
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abstract metal wing sculpture (2)
Large Metal Wing Abstract Steel Sculpture for Sale
This stunning abstract steel sculpture takes artistic expression to new heights, capturing attention...
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