White Large Metal Feather Sculpture for Public Decor

Made from premium stainless steel, our feather sculpture boasts a flawless finish and superior durability, ensuring it remains a captivating centerpiece for years to come.

Item No: SSA-009

Material: 316L Stainless Steel Material

Type: Abstract metal sculpture

Size: Custom

Service: Customized Service

Advantage: Factory Direct

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Feather Sculpture is an abstract outdoor metal sculpture made from high-quality stainless steel material that forms a wide, curved shape reminiscent of a large feather or wing. The sculpture consists of two towering elongated structures made from a row of thin, parallel metal ribs. These ribs create ridged, feathery textures along the twisted aerodynamic shape that appears to emerge from and return to the ground in an elegant arcing motion.


metal feather sculpture (2) metal feather sculpture (4)


Enliven Surrounding Public Spaces

This contemporary feather sculpture of this scale and dynamic design is suitable for installation in an outdoor plaza, park, transport hub or university campus as a striking visual landmark and point of interest. Their abstract forms can represent themes of movement, flight, freedom, or the transcendent nature of art itself. The metal sculpture’s feathery form suggests a connection to nature, birds, wind and the human dream of flight. At night, light activates the piece, making the luminous metal fins dramatic and creating a captivating sculptural silhouette, introducing a dramatic and uplifting focal point that animates the surrounding public space.


metal feather sculpture (3) metal feather sculpture (1)


High-quality Metal Material

Crafted meticulously from premium stainless steel, our feather sculpture stands as a testament to excellence in craftsmanship and durability. The high-quality metal material not only ensures a stunning visual appeal but also guarantees longevity and resistance against rust and corrosion. With a flawless finish and intricate details, this modern metal sculpture captures the essence of elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect addition to any space.


high-quality metal material 


Backed by 40 Years of Expertise

With four decades of experience in metal crafting, we take pride in being a professional large metal sculpture manufacturer renowned for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen have honed their skills over the years, allowing us to deliver products that exceed expectations and stand the test of time. When you choose our stainless steel feather sculpture, you are investing in a piece of art that is not only visually stunning but also crafted with precision and expertise.




Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your interior or exterior decor with our exquisite stainless steel feather sculpture. You can contact us at any time for more information about our large metal sculpture for sale.


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