Famous Odalisque Statue James Pradiers Odalisque Replica Statue MOKK-269

The famous Odalisque statu is therefore reminiscent of 19th-century western artists who were inspired by oriental subjects—an often imaginary “otherness”—as demonstrated by this voluptuous nude, whose sensuality the sculptor, James Pradier, emphasized with his masterful working of the marble.
Brand Name: YOUFINE
Style: Natural
Statue Type: Figure Statue
Type: Marble Sculptures, Statues
Size:H:  Customized
Material: Natural white marble
Packing: Wooden Crate with soft foam inside
Transport: By sea
Technics: Handcarved and polished
Special: Very Detailed Carving
Advantage: More than 30 years direct factory

This type of issue is rarely a sculptor. We have a young naked woman seated in the field, even though her clothes, slipping away and underneath her. Her turban and the wind showed her status as a garem. Even if her beauty recalls that from the venir of antiquity, Her obscene and sensual creature more resembles eastern women. 

Through the distortion of her body and how different amounts are operated here, the spiral of motive for her turban, The lady invites the spectator to walk around her to discover and admire the daring beauty of her body. 

About the author of famous Odalisque statue

Professional marble sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, bronze sculpture factory
Aside from such a prestigious mandate, Pradier is remembered today for his female nude paintings and erotic groups, mainly designed as a desire purpose for male audiences. A long series of sensual female statues that have been disguised as classic heroine, with an interminable bending stretch, begins with the early nymphs Pradier brought back from Rome.
By combining the marble nobility and the dignity of the object in a clear form, he achieved a powerful image that simultaneously represented meditative strength and expression of reflection and despair.
Description of Odalisque statue for sale
Professional marble sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, bronze sculpture factory
The woman’s face and the movement of her body prompted people to gradually discover her nudity.Sitting on the curtains on the floor, she seemed surprised in a private time.She wore a rosy turban on her head and a fan of ostrich feathers on her head, reminiscent of a odalisque. “The word Odalisque “comes from the Turkish language, referring to women living in the harem
Professional marble sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, bronze sculpture factory

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All famous Odalisque statues have been carefully selected and restored high standards, and come with full assurance of authenticity and working condition, delivery and installation in person, wherever possible.
Shipping and delivery conditions on request.
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