Polished Geometric Deer Sculpture for Garden

Beautiful geometric deer sculptures can bring life and vitality to your garden, and YouFine will provide you with long-lasting outdoor sculptures through professional technique.

Item No: CSS-954

Material: Stainless Steel Material

Type: metal animal sculpture

Service: Customized Service

Advantage: Factory Direct

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Insurance: Cover all the risks

Geometric deer sculpture can meet customers’ needs for the decoration of their outdoor spaces. The modern design will bring the ultimate visual experience to your garden, gallery, courtyard, snack bar, hotel and other spaces. The stainless steel deer sculpture symbolizes the elegance and mystery of deer, epitomizing their strength and innate grace. Whether updating with new decor or updating your decorating ideas, YouFine is your excellent partner.


stainless steel deer statue (9) stainless steel deer statue (1) stainless steel deer statue (2)


High-quality Stainless Steel Sculpture

Stainless steel is resistant to air, steam, water, weak corrosive acids, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive substances, so many outdoor metal sculptures choose stainless steel as the material. Stainless steel sculptures have various shapes, including geometric sculptures, mirror sculptures, abstract sculptures, etc. They are rich in content and highly malleable, and are deeply loved by the public. Therefore, YouFine will use high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel to manufacture geometric deer sculptures for you to ensure the service life of the sculptures.


polish-techniquestainless steel deer statue (5) stainless steel deer statue (4)


Considerate Customized Service

YouFine has a professional team of designers to provide every customer with one-stop modern stainless steel sculpture customization services. They will adjust the detailed design of the sculpture according to your needs and personal preferences, provide professional design drawings, and continue to adjust until you are satisfied. In addition, YouFine will develop a perfect stainless steel plan for each customer, including material selection, sculpture size, detailed design, transportation method selection, etc.


stainless steel bear sculpture (4)


Other Advantages of YouFine

First of all, YouFine was founded in 1983. It has 40 years of experience in stainless steel sculpture production and international trade, and can provide a satisfactory shopping experience for every customer who likes this geometric deer sculpture.

Second, as a direct selling factory, we can provide you with beautiful prices that cannot be beat, without middlemen making the difference.

Secondly, each of YouFine’s stainless steel animal sculptures will be strictly packaged, using various shock-proof sponges and reinforced boxes to package the entire sculpture, so that the sculpture can arrive at your doorstep safely.


stainless steel deer statue (6) stainless steel deer statue (7) stainless steel deer statue (8)


In addition to geometric deer sculpture, YouFine has also provided customers with different types of stainless steel animal sculptures, including gorillas, horses, deer, dolphins, etc. You can contact us at any time and YouFine professionals will provide you with more detailed information.


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